Zoom expands its developer platform with the launch of the Zoom Apps SDK

Today, Zoom Video Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZM) announced the general availability of the Zoom Apps SDK, which provides developers with the resources and supporting infrastructure to build Zoom apps in the Zoom client. By leveraging the Zoom Apps SDK, developers can reach Zoom clients, and users can discover and add new apps in the same client they use every day. More than 100 Zoom apps have been released by partner developers to enrich meeting experiences ranging from meeting productivity, team collaboration and social media to gaming.

“To meet customer expectations, organizations continue to look for ways to scale their businesses and evolve workflows, resulting in an increased need for developers to have access to the development of capabilities and features of ‘innovative apps,” said Brendan Ittelson, chief technology officer at Zoom. “With the launch of the Zoom Apps SDK, the Zoom developer platform continues to grow and provides developers with new ways to integrate video communications and collaboration into their creations, forever transforming business workflows.”

“The ability to leverage APIs to enable application integration and innovation is a critical digital transformation need,” said Irwin Lazar, president and principal analyst at Metrigy. “Over 84% of IT professionals in our survey say API availability is important for employee and customer engagement use cases. The general availability of the Zoom Apps SDK will allow developers to deliver business benefits easier and faster through a variety of ways.”

The Zoom Apps SDK expands developer capabilities by:

Increase the reach of new apps by tapping into Zoom’s global and diverse audience, listing apps in the Zoom App Marketplace and in the Zoom client where apps can be installed even during a Zoom meeting
Expanding new apps to create collaborative experiences in Zoom Meetings
Create engaging customer experiences inside and outside of Zoom meetings
Zoom Apps SDK is a JavaScript SDK that provides access to client functionality such as virtual background configuration while providing the app context for interaction. Basically, it uses a method to get the meeting context, with ids for the user and the meeting. These credentials can be used with a full set of Zoom Developer Platform API endpoints, including REST APIs and Webhooks to enrich the app experience.

With the Zoom Apps SDK, businesses can create engaging experiences in Zoom Meetings and in the Zoom desktop window for asynchronous collaboration.

“In this new era of hybrid working, businesses are using more apps than ever to collaborate and work from anywhere,” said Ketan Kittur, vice president, product management at Box. “We know customers want all of their favorite apps to work together securely and seamlessly. Along with the Zoom Apps SDK, we’ve created the Box app for Zoom that allows our thousands of mutual customers to work frictionlessly across our two platforms.”

Getting Started with the Zoom Apps SDK
Building with Zoom Apps SDK is easy. Here’s how to start:

Build the app: Use the Zoom Apps SDK to develop and customize an app.
Complete the submission checklist: Before submitting an application for review, ensure that all items are met in the submission requirements. The checklist covers marketing, privacy, legal, support, and technical information.
Submit app for review: All apps submitted for release undergo extensive review, including functional and usability testing, as well as security and compliance review.
Publish to App Marketplace: Once published, the app will be available to all users via an embeddable button.

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