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WASHINGTON and PUNTA DEL ESTE, Uruguay, November 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Today, the seven-time Formula 1 world champion by Lewis Hamilton Extreme E team, X44 Vida Carbon Racing, has announced a new partnership with Alder Fuels, developer of clean technologies and leader in low-carbon fuels. The two clean energy pioneers teamed up to promote the next frontier of sustainable fuels around the world during this year’s season two finale at Uruguaythe Energy X Prize.

X44 Vida Carbon Racing was first drawn to Extreme E by the series’ commitment to showcasing the possibilities of electric vehicles while exploring innovative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of running a sport global. With around 30% of the planet’s CO2 emissions coming from transport, the challenge of how sustainable sports can move around the world is a tall one. This partnership with Alder Fuels, a company that strives to meet the global challenge head-on, is an exciting development in the X44 Vida Carbon Racing journey that aligns team and partner values ​​in a truly authentic way.

“It is a pleasure to partner with by Lewis Hamilton team, X44 Vida Carbon Racing. Their performance and technology on the track is quite impressive, but it’s the legacy they’re building around climate change that deserves the world’s attention. It’s a legacy that will endure long after we democratize energy supplies and end fossil fuel dominance – a mission critical for us at Alder Fuels,” said Alder Fuels President and CEO. Bryan Sherbacow. “As we work towards that sustainable future, I can’t imagine a more inspiring partner than Lewis’ X44 Vida Carbon crew.”

Alder Fuels is building the world’s first scalable platform for producing low-carbon fuel from sustainable sources that will play a critical role in the transition to net zero. By using sustainable biomass, such as regenerative grasses, forest residues and agricultural waste, Alder creates low-carbon Alder Greencrude (AGC) that can be converted into sustainable aviation fuel and other products to low carbon thanks to the existing oil and petroleum refinery. Infrastructure.

Supported by Honeywell UOPs, United Ventures, Directional Aviation, Avfuel, Boeing, Rolls RoyceUS Defense Logistics Agency, the US Department of Energyand the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Alder’s patented process can achieve greenhouse gas reductions of 80% carbon negative depending on the biomass source used, demonstrating its transformational promise. Through their new partnership, Alder Fuels and X44 Vida Carbon share the ambition to amplify the possibilities of AGC, and engage the debate around an alternative and more sustainable future for transport.

Sebastien Loeb, driver at X44 Vida Carbon Racing, said: “One of the biggest challenges in making motorsport more sustainable is how we can travel around the world in a way that doesn’t have a big impact. on the planet. We spent a lot of time in X44 Vida Carbon talk about this challenge and how to make our sport more sustainable so we can enjoy it for years to come. To have a partner like Alder Fuels tackling this issue head-on is very impressive and valuable to our team. I can’t wait to see where this partnership takes us.”

X44 Vida Carbon Racing is currently heading to the Extreme E season two finale after a successful inaugural season. Named after Lewis’ own racing number, and now with the inclusion of the title partnership, X44 Vida Carbon Racing highlights the most serious problems facing our planet and the solutions we can all be a part of while pushing to create opportunities for the next generation. Currently in second place in the championship after winning the Copper X Prize in September, X44 Vida Carbon Racing also holds the series’ top 2021 Sustainability Prize, which recognizes the teams that drive the most fans to engage in stages. that contribute to a greener future.

In recognition of this new partnership, the Alder Fuels logo will be displayed on the team’s car at the Season 2 Finals – the Energy X Prix – taking place at Uruguay the 26the and 27e November.

About Alder Fuels

Alder Fuels is on a mission to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives and rebalance our relationship with the natural world. Alder Fuels converts natural biomass into low carbon or negative carbon footprint Alder Greencrude (AGC), which can then be converted into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), other low carbon fuels and chemicals using existing global refining equipment and infrastructure. Bryan Sherbacow, President and CEO of Alder Fuels, has a proven track record in the development and commercial deployment of new technologies, including the world’s first refinery designed to produce renewable jet fuels and military-grade fuels. Alder Fuels is backed by Honeywell UOP, United Ventures, Directional Aviation, Avfuel, Boeing, the US Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Energy (DOE), and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL). For more information, visit https://www.alderfuels.com/

About X44 Vida Carbon Racing

X44 Vida Carbon Racing, trained by Sir Lewis Hamilton, is currently participating in the second season of Extreme E after a successful inaugural season. Named after Lewis’ racing number, X44 Vida Carbon Racing shines a light on the toughest issues facing our planet and the solutions we can all be part of, while striving to create opportunities for the next generation. Ending the first season with first place in the Jurassic X Awards and second in the Championship, the team also won the series’ 2021 Sustainability Award, which recognizes the teams that drive the most fans to s commit to steps that contribute to a greener future.

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For media inquiries regarding Alder Fuels, please contact: caryn@breakwaterstrategy.com

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