Will Chip and Joanna Gaines’ new project also make this place famous?


Chip and Joanna Gaines made their hometown of Waco, TX, famous on their hit show “Fixer Upper”. Corn Grand Rapids, MI, could be next, given that the Gaines’ Magnolia Network has launched a new show here called “The Established Home.”

In the show, the creator Jean Stofer renovates neighborhood homes with a timeless English-inspired style. And in the final episode, “Grace’s House,” Stoffer helps his daughter (and design assistant) Grace Start renovating parts of her house and in the process realizes that she might have someone who could one day take over the family business!

“The Established Home” is a new show on the Magnolia Network.

Magnolia Network

Together, this mom and daughter renovate the mudroom, bathroom and bedroom with smart, budget-friendly upgrades. Here’s how they pull it off, with plenty of before and after photos that might also inspire you to make a change at home.

Every changing room needs smart shoe storage

Before: This addition to the home was dated and not very functional.

Magnolia Network

Grace and her husband, Ted Start, are renovating their home and have done a great job on their kitchen and living room. But now they’re turning their attention to an awkward L-shaped addition they hope to turn into a double laundry room and mudroom.

“My challenge is to take the high-end design and bring it down to a level that Ted and I can afford, while still having some really cool design elements,” Grace explains.

mud room
After: This double mudroom and laundry room even has boot storage.

Magnolia Network

Grace chooses a dark green color for this room, paired with simple white porcelain tile. The look is dramatic and comfy, but Grace knows her moody dressing room won’t be complete without storage space.

She adds a wellington boot rack, a peg rail that holds the boots upside down. It is a simple feature, made of inexpensive materials, but adds storage space ideal for a mudroom.

“My kids might actually do that because they’d think it’s kinda cool to hang up their boots,” Grace says.

The boot rack is perfect in this space. It’s an inexpensive storage solution that gives off a charming old-world vibe.

When Stoffer finally sees the piece, she is impressed by Grace’s bold style and economy.

“These are not expensive materials,” says Stoffer. “These are just put together in a way that’s just beautiful.”

Create a welcoming entrance with a door that makes sense

Before: Grace Start and Jean Stoffer discuss the future laundry room.

Magnolia Network

This laundry room is all about function, so when Grace brings up the drafty door, Stoffer insists on replacing it. Not only is the door single-glazed, letting in the cold winter air, but it also swings the wrong directioncutting off the incoming and outgoing flow.

“That’s going to create a choke point,” Stoffer said as he inspected the corner of the room. “You really can’t put anything here.”

Ted replaces the old door with a new one that opens correctly. Moreover, the simple design and the light wood door look great next to the dark green walls, creating an elegant space. Unusable space has been transformed into a useful room!

“We transformed the mudroom from a carpeted and paneled room that had almost no function into probably the most functional room in our house,” Grace explains.

mud room
After: This door is beautiful and protects from the cold.

Magnolia Network

Add windows to a small space

Grace and Ted Start’s room

Magnolia Network


Grace knows her new bedroom won’t be very big, but Stoffer knows that adding some natural light will make it a bit more spacious.

“Since Grace’s bedroom is actually just a bedroom, which means the only thing there is room for in the room is a bed, we decided to add some windows for the make it look taller,” says Stoffer.

The two small windows flanking the bed add the perfect amount of light and create the illusion of more space.

To finish off the bedroom, Grace puts up inexpensive peel-and-stick wallpaper with a natural grasscloth look.

“Design-wise, it needed texture. Maybe we were going to put moldings on the panels, and Ted was so busy, so I thought I’d pick him up and put that paper down painted,” Grace said. .

Leftovers from past projects can help save money

white tile bathroom
Grace covered the walls in a timeless white subway tile.

Magnolia Network

In the adjoining bathroom, Grace explains that she is cutting costs by using leftover tiles from one of her mother’s past projects.

“It didn’t go exactly as I imagined; I wanted a checkerboard,” she said, examining the floor with her mother. “What we did was more than a random pattern.”

floor tile
This tile is beautiful.

Magnolia Network

Still, in the end, the bathroom looks sleek — and you’d never know those tiles were trash. It’s a good lesson to work with what you have whenever possible, rather than buying new. Even if the results aren’t exactly what you expected, the money you save might be worth it.

Add trim to give cabinets a custom look

These base cabinets look like expensive built-ins.

Magnolia Network

Grace and Ted’s new bedroom also includes a spacious walk-in closet, which Grace furnishes with drawers and an inexpensive wardrobe. Ted then enhances the look by adding trim to the cabinet.

“We used these simple, basic cabinets and then added the trim to make it more personalized,” says Grace.

Trim is another economical feature that makes this home look great.

The trim on these cabinets is lovely.

Magnolia Network

Accent walls also work outdoors

Grace and Ted want to renovate their garden.

Magnolia Network

To complete this renovation, Grace and Ted want to update the backyard by expanding the garage and creating a cozy sitting area with lots of greenery. To give the space a dramatic look, they paint the garage the same dark green they used for the mudroom.

“It will be the most beautiful backdrop for their outdoor living room,” says Stoffer. “I like the idea of ​​having something dark to place the furniture in front of and for the vegetation to be in front of. It’s cozy and interesting, so I think it’s a great choice.”

Ultimately, the green garage looks great next to the upgraded yard. It just goes to show that an outdoor living space is not much different from an indoor space. A patio space could benefit from furniture, decor, and even an accent wall!

After: Dark green adds some dimension to this new seating area.

Magnolia Network

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