Weaveworks Announces Integration with Microsoft to Increase Developer Productivity, IT Agility and Competitive Advantage


Weave GitOps Flux integration in Microsoft Azure Arc automates reliable application delivery and continuous monitoring for hybrid environments

LONDON & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Weaveworks, the GitOps company, today announced a new integration with Microsoft to enable continuous and reliable delivery for enterprise application teams and continuous control for operations teams. Weave GitOps Flux v2 is now an extension of Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and Azure Arc-enabled Kubernetes to govern and control hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Additionally, the Weave GitOps extension for Microsoft Visual Studio Code allows developers to manage and observe application delivery using GitOps within their familiar IDE.

Azure Arc brings Azure security and native cloud services to hybrid and multicloud environments. It enables secure management and governance of infrastructure and applications on any Kubernetes platform. Weave GitOps Flux automates the deployment and lifecycle management of these applications. Cluster operators can use the built-in GitOps capability in Azure Arc to deploy, observe, and control their clusters and applications.

Weaveworks’ three-year agreement includes strategic input, engineering, and customer support services to integrate GitOps into:

  • Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) not only to enforce state within the cluster, but also to help support security by providing feedback on proposed state changes.
  • Kubernetes compatible with Azure Arc to easily control and automate workflows to deploy hybrid cloud workloads while maintaining high security standards.
  • Visual Studio Code extension. Microsoft developers can deploy Kubernetes workloads using GitOps, update them, and monitor their performance directly from the IDE.

“Enterprises want the flexibility of hybrid and multi-cloud to enable a combination of security and cost savings. However, the complexity of multiple platforms and managing Kubernetes can be overwhelming, especially when organizations are trying to scale,” said Steve George, COO at Weaveworks. “This integration addresses customers’ need for a cohesive way to automatically manage hybrid and multi-cloud complexities, allowing software delivery teams to focus on innovation and accelerating reliable deliveries rather than maintenance. infrastructure. Weave GitOps Flux is purpose-built for continuous delivery and security in all environments.

“Weave GitOps Flux, with its secure and easy-to-use application delivery experience built into Microsoft AKS and Azure Arc, enables organizations to consistently deploy and manage trusted applications across any infrastructure architecture. “said Jeremy Winter, Vice President, Cloud Native and Hybrid Solutions at Microsoft. “Application teams use familiar version control tools to track application deployment and cluster status, increasing accountability, facilitating fault investigation, and enabling automation to manage and monitor these complex configurations. ”

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About Weaveworks

Weaveworks helps teams adopt cloud-native computing, managing cloud-native infrastructure and applications quickly, reliably, and at scale. The company helps infrastructure and platform teams build and operate their own Kubernetes application platform, whether in the cloud, edge, or on-premises. Its products and solutions are community-designed and enterprise-approved. Weaveworks was an early member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and is among its top 10 contributors. For more information, visit weave.works.


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