Upgrade the home entertainment system with Govee for immersive summer premieres


Govee offers cool smart lights with its RGBIC, Envisual and DreamView technologies

HONG KONG, July 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With an influx of summer movies and TV shows coming out, it’s time to take the next level home entertainment system and enjoy an immersive viewing experience. During First day 2022 on July 12 and July 13Govee with cutting-edge RGBIC technology provides cool entertainment lights.

Govee TV Backlight energize any home entertainment system with its Envisual technology if users are tired of common TV backlights. The smart camera captures the color on the screen and automatically applies it to the backlight, bringing out the colors on the screen. The TV backlight has been improved with the white balance function to deliver more accurate colors. Instead of buying the sync box and backlights separately, users can Grab this all-in-one solution to explore beyond the universe and discover dynamic fantasy worlds via VOD and all streaming platforms.

To further extend the visuals a bit to the rear of the TV, Govee Glide Hexa Light Panels are recommended for more inspiration. While some lights can only display one color on a panel at a time, Govee Glide Hexa brings the vision to life by selecting multiple colors on each panel simultaneously. Dance to the beat and provide a smoother fluid or gradient lighting experience.

Governess RGBIC Neon Light Rope is flexible in creating masterful lighting effects for vibrant walls that complement home decor. Whether placed above, around or on the wall away from the TV, it unveils a unique visual masterpiece with limitless DIY options. With 16 million color options, users can Turn up the color in the TV room and enjoy the nostalgic neon glow of the rope light.

All of these products support Govee DreamView Technology. youthe ser can sMount the lights above with DreamView to transport the whole room into a galaxy of lighting, ready the home theater for fully immersive entertainment.

Govee’s best Prime Day deals will start on July 12 with up to 40% off. For users, this is possibility of upgrading once a year their home entertainment. Now, users can add them to their carts on Govee’s Amazon store.

About Govee

Since November 2017, Govee has created industry-leading lighting and home products for consumers around the world. We are committed to the highest quality standards for our smart home technology. Our products are consistently ranked as Amazon’s Choice with highly rated reviews from our consumers. The Govee Home app, our corresponding app for all of our products, has a growing community of over 10 million registered users. We’ve also received rave reviews from trusted publications like Make Use Of and Android Authority. For more information, please visit our website at govee.com

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