Ubisoft is hiring a Linux developer for an “unannounced project” but don’t get too excited


Ubisoft has posted a new job posting for a Linux developer, which gets many Linux gamers excited, especially since it is mentioned for an “unannounced project”. Unfortunately, unlike all the advice emailed overnight on the job posting, this will likely prove to be of little interest to the gaming community.

A new job offer at Ubisoft is looking for a senior programmer experienced with Linux and in particular Debian. While you might think this is related to the upcoming Valve Steam Deck, Steam OS 3.0 is based on Arch Linux, where the now defunct old versions of SteamOS that were Debian-based are located. If the Debian focus is precise, it is possible that this post has something to do with Google’s Stadia. The post also mentions experience in the Google Cloud SDK. Debian is the default operating system currently in Google Cloud. Meanwhile, another popular Linux target with growing gaming ambitions is Tesla’s in-car infotainment system, although it runs on Ubuntu.

The job posting also mentions GPUOpen, which is AMD’s game development integration initiative, not to mention NVIDIA GameWorks.

The post also states that this is a “C ++ backend developer” role, which diminishes the hope that porting a client-side game engine or whatever will directly benefit Linux gamers. . Ubisoft’s job posting also describes work on OpenSSL, Numpy, Numba, OpenTelemetry, micro-services and other indicators indicating that this is more of a server-side Linux job.

Either way, senior experienced Linux programmers interested in a possible backend job for Ubisoft in Sweden can find out more through this job posting.

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