Two schools in Ridgefield will have access to public water as part of the Aquarion project


RIDGEFIELD – Aquarion Water Company will work with the city on a project that would allow two public schools – Ridgefield High School and Scotts Ridge Middle School – to have access to public water.

Well water serves the approximately 400,000 square foot campus for both schools. Despite adhering to water quality guidelines, the city has contamination issues, the first councilor said.

“Anytime you can convert municipal property from private wells to public water, it relieves a huge burden of testing, monitoring, etc., that we have to do to stay compliant with DPH (Department of Public Health) standards. “, First Selectman Rudy told Marconi.

The work on the school is part of a larger Aquarion project which is due to start next year. At the intersection of Barlow Mountain Road and North Street, Aquarion will install a 10 foot by 20 foot house to control water pressure.

Aquarion will then extend the water main from this location up Route 116 to Craigmoor Road, where there is a pump station that supplies water to all homes in this area.

“We are running a waterline from our main Ridgefield system to interconnect it to the Craigmoor system. It becomes a single system,” said Peter Fazekas, director of corporate communications at Aquarion. “The aim is that we only have one well for Craigmoor, and seeking additional water supplies, such as a new well, is simply not feasible from a cost perspective. It makes much more sense to interconnect with our main Ridgefield system, which has adequate supply.

Fazekas said that currently there is no water main between the main Ridgefield system and the Craigmoor system.

“So by running this water pipe, once installed, all residents who live along this road would have the ability, if they wish, to connect to our water system,” he said. he said, adding that they probably currently have private wells.

Aquarion has agreed to do the engineering drawings to extend the main property to the high school and college property.

“The separate project for the schools would be once the water main is installed on Craigmoor Road, the agreement is that Aquarion will do the engineering for a line to be extended that will supply water to both Ridgefield High School and Scotts Ridge Middle School, which is not far at all,” Marconi said.

Previously, the city did not have a water pipe in this area.

“This is a major project,” Marconi said.

The Board of Selectmen voted unanimously to allow Marconi to proceed with initial site investigation work for the project. A public hearing is scheduled for August 17 and a town meeting is scheduled for September 7.

As Ridgefield has done for other projects, the city will apply for a grant through the Clean Water Act. The city has applied for this grant for other projects. Officials will determine cost estimates once engineering is complete, he said.

The project could be done while school is in session.

“We won’t disconnect the old well until everything is hooked up and then you turn on the tap,” Marconi said.

Previously, the city had water issues at schools in Barlow Mountain and Scotland.

“The wells at these two schools had previously been shut down because they were contaminated,” Marconi said. “We have to drill new wells… There was no guarantee that the new wells would produce better quality water. So we decided to go ahead and expand the main one and solve this problem once and for all. Now they’re going to extend that main road from there to Craigmoor.

Fazekas said the project was part of Aquarion Water’s “normal infrastructure investment”.

Branchville and Farmingville Elementary Schools have well water, while Scotland and Barlow Mountain Elementary Schools have public water. Water quality at all schools meets all guidelines, Marconi added.

Fazekas said the project is still in the design stages. Building the pressure-reducing valve will take about three months, he said.

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