Toku Eyes, developer of an AI platform that accurately identifies heart attack risk using an image of the eye, expands to the United States


With Toku Eyes’ AI platform, the eye isn’t just the window to the soul, it’s now a window to the state of your health

Auckland, New ZealandJune 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Toku’s eyesthe New Zealanddeveloper of a multi-modal artificial intelligence platform for instant healthcare diagnostics, today announced that it is bringing its latest technology (ORAiCLE™) to United States. ORAiCLE™ can assess an individual’s cardiovascular risk through a retinal scan more accurately than the current gold standard and is more cost effective and readily available in places such as pharmacies and over-the-counter retinal photo kiosks -service.

136 million Americans have diabetes or prediabetes today, and within the next ten years, one in three will have a heart attack, while one in ten will go blind. Yet more than 80% of these outcomes are preventable if high-risk individuals are identified early. However, the methods used to identify high-risk individuals have historically been imprecise, expensive and invasive. 40% of people with diabetes or prediabetes cannot even access critical screening due to distance or lack of appointments.

It is often ignored that the cardiovascular system can be photographed through the eye. Toku Eyes created ORAiCLE™ as an AI platform to recognize minute changes in blood vessels, capillaries and arteries, pigmentation, calcification, etc., and use it to stratify the risk of a cardiovascular event, such as a stroke or heart attack, within the next 5 years. Research results suggest that ORAiCLE™ may be more accurate than traditional risk calculators that are used in advanced healthcare systems (such as Mayo Clinic equation in United States).

Its proprietary patent-pending technology uses an image of the back of the eye taken from a retinal camera, allowing the test to be performed almost anywhere, especially with newer retinal cameras becoming more smaller and more portable. Additionally, learning how to use a retinal camera and the AI ​​software requires minimal training, which means anyone can perform the test. Within seconds of receiving an image, Toku Eyes’ AI platform can then assess the risk of a cardiovascular event or blindness and provide personalized wellness and lifestyle advice or indicate the need for a specialized reference for preventive care.

“Using the eye as a diagnostic device for conditions outside of the eye now allows ophthalmologists to start talking to the cardiovascular surgeon. This has enormous potential that will ripple through all of medicine,” said declared Teacher John Marshallthe inventor of laser eye surgery.

While ORAiCLE™ focuses on cardiovascular risk assessment using retinal images, Toku Eyes has already developed another product (called THEIA™) which focuses on identifying eye blindness conditions. using similar retinal images. Toku eyes aims to provide the most comprehensive, cost effective and accurate risk assessment for heart attacks and blindness, using the combination of its two platforms (ORAiCLE™ and THEIA™). This is especially important for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

The Toku Eyes platform is already being used in the diabetes screening service in the public and private sectors in New Zealand. It is also live in 20 clinics in India with the goal of being in 70 by the end of the year. Its AI technology also works accurately even with low quality images unlike other like google who tried to develop similar technology.

As part of its expansion in the United States, Toku Eyes is partnering with EyeCheq which creates a network of self-service retinal image kiosks across the United States. It is also associated with Unified Imaginga multimodal imaging repository that connects a variety of primary and specialty clinics across United States. Through these partnerships and more, Toku eyes expects, subject to finalizing regulatory clearances, to be present in more than 1,500 locations across the United States by 2025.

“If you can see the future, you can change it,” said Ehsan Vaghefi, co-founder and CEO of Toku Eyes. “Looking inside the eyes provides an in-depth view of what’s going on inside the entire body to better assess each individual’s risk factors and identify high-risk individuals before their condition Our goal is to make health screening simpler and easier to access for the entire population so that we can address underlying health risks and improve patient outcomes.”

About Toku’s eyes
Toku Eyes is the developer of a multi-modal artificial intelligence platform for instant healthcare diagnosis, personalized prognoses and general health risk assessments using retinal images to screen for preventable blindness. Led by a team of endocrinologists, ophthalmologists, optometrists and AI specialists, Toku Eyes offers patients a window into their future health. For more information, visit

THEIA is currently not commercially available in United States

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