The proposed tunnel project would provide boring views.


Re: “Dig deep, but I still don’t see the benefit of the tunnel”, Editorial, Sunday:

My wife and I enjoy the view of downtown as we drive south on US 281. Visitors coming from the airport are impressed to see the scenery, not the buildings, as they cross the basin of Olmos.

What a contrast to the boring view of the proposed tunnel between the airport and the city center depicted in the image.

I remember a saying I heard in the 1950s as a naval engineer duty officer with the nuclear propulsion program. The Air Force planned to build a nuclear-powered aircraft capable of flying around the world twice without refueling.

Someone said, “Don’t start ‘big’ projects based on ‘half-big’ ideas. »

Fortunately, this aircraft was never built.

Kudos to Mayor Ron Nirenberg and others for advocating for better uses of the estimated over $247 million that would be spent on the tunnel.

Paul A. Foerster

Abbott raises fees

Subject: “Abbott Warns Border Truck Inspections Could Begin Again”, Front Page, Wednesday:

Teddy Roosevelt said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Governor Greg Abbott’s motto seems to be “Pick up any stick you can find and wave it no matter who you might hurt.”

According to the article, the economic losses due to the border delays he caused amount to hundreds of millions of dollars. per day. What proportion of these Mexican products is/was destined for US supermarkets?

Oh, that’s right: rising food prices are President Joe Biden’s fault.

Thomas N. “Ned” Lee

pandemic lesson

This pandemic has taught us that in America, self-interest trumps public health.

Bob Sawyer

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