The Lake Conroe Club hosts an annual children’s clothing project



The Rotary Club of Conroe is taking a much-needed break for a few days as members recover from the very successful 90th anniversary and then an evening meeting last week with the Rotary Club of Lake Conroe for Project Candy Roll – we we’ll have more on this joint venture next week.

Meanwhile, the Lake Conroe Club traveled to Conroe early on a Saturday morning for the annual Clothing For Kids project. This project has been a staple of the club’s community service calendar for many years, and it never gets old. Members arrive at the Old Navy store in Conroe at dawn to set up a signal station in front of the main entrance. Hot coffee, orange juice and many sweet treats are always in demand and plentiful. Around 9 a.m., the children and their guardians arrive for a private shopping adventure. Each Rotarian is assigned to a family, the doors open and the shopping chaos begins. Most of the time, these smart kids have already spotted the store and know what they want. They also focus on the best deals. Kudos for them!

These kids have all been through some sort of family trauma and need something light and fun in their lives, and what better than new school clothes to brighten up their days. They are always so polite and grateful. Old Navy staff volunteer to come early to help shoppers and speed up the queue. The company also offers attractive discounts during this special shopping spree. What a wonderful and worthy project and such a great joint venture. Thank you Old Navy!

Set aside time to make wine and ride in March 2023! Plans are underway for the postponed 2nd Rotary Roll event. Tickets are sold that give the buyer a free drink at various wineries and breweries from Plantersville to Conroe. Each ticket is stamped and prizes are awarded at the end of the roll. The great part is that it’s a month-long event, allowing ticket holders to wander around throughout the month visiting a place or two at a time, relaxing and taking full advantage of each place. Mike Berger, always a shrewd businessman, will offer his real estate clients something extra when they buy a ticket from him – a bus to transport them from place to place on a set schedule. So smart for Rotary and for Mike! Much more information will be available soon. Rotarian Sherry Bogus is chairing the event this year, and she has many ideas and surprises in store for this 2nd year event.

World Polio Day is October 24. Together with the World Health Organization, the Gates Foundation and others, Rotary’s mission is to eradicate polio worldwide. There have been setbacks, but the progress has been nothing short of amazing. We are so close.

But 2022 brought the first case of polio in decades to our country – a sad and scary day. For years we have said, “Polio is just a plane ride away” and that is exactly what has happened. A person traveling from another country had been vaccinated with the live vaccine, then in New York came into contact with an unvaccinated person. It was a very unusual situation. Very few countries still use the live vaccine and Rotary never uses it in its global immunization campaign. Now evidence of polio is appearing in the sewage. This is a frightening situation, which makes the effort to vaccinate everyone in the world all the more important. What can you do? Check Rotary’s website for all the information. And of course, make sure your children and grandchildren are up to date on all their polio shots.

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