The Indian missile misses a strategic operation? China’s Pak Defense System Couldn’t Track Missile That Traveled 124km Inside Enemy Territory – INDIA – GENERAL


NEW DELHI: On March 9, a missile warhead fired from India landed in Pakistani territory. The missile flew from Sirsa in Haryana to Punjab province in Pakistan. The Pakistani military said the missile landed in an uninhabited area in Mian Channu. Although there were casualties, Pakistan alleged that there were other casualties.

The official explanation given by India was that the missile was launched automatically due to a technical problem. India’s Defense Ministry, which confirmed the incident, said in a statement that the incident was “unintentional” and regretted the incident.

There have been discussions on social media that the missile may not have been launched accidentally and that it may have been an experiment conducted by India to confirm some things. According to their observations, India has achieved three important things in one go.

First, the Indian BrahMos cruise missile was launched on enemy soil without further damaging relations with Pakistan. India could understand how Pakistan would react to such a missile attack. India could also figure out how the Pak air defense system works.

Second, the Indian Defense Forces were able to determine the accuracy of the radars installed on Pakistan’s borders and whether they could detect missiles coming from India. The Indian missile was not detected by any radar in Pakistan. Even the Pakistani military only knew about it after the missile landed.

The limitations of Pakistan’s air defense system were also evident. This is tantamount to India killing two birds with one stone. Indeed, China has provided Pakistan with HQ9, an air defense system deployed in Pakistan. The same defense system is used in China. The fact that HQ9 could not destroy the Indian missile even when it came close to it gives India a technological advantage in defense against both China and Pakistan.


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