The Google Nest WiFi system for sale on Amazon


Wifi problems at home? Here is your solution. (And it’s on sale!)


With how dependent we all are on a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal these days, having signal dead spots in your home is one of the most frustrating things that can happen. To help combat this problem, a mesh Wi-Fi system boosts the signal and creates a reliable connection around your home. And with this deal from Amazon, you can get the Google Nest WiFi System for just $163.32.

In most standard home Wi-Fi systems, you will only have one router that sends the signal throughout your home. But having a single signal source can easily lead to dead spots around your home where the signal doesn’t reach. With this Google Nest system, you’ll receive two routers that work together to boost and boost the signal in every area of ​​your home, covering up to 4,400 square feet.

Nest WiFi Point - WiFi extender and smart speaker

This system is modular and scalable, so you can add even more routers to cover more space if needed. Google Nest routers are designed to provide connection to over 200 devices and can handle speeds capable of streaming 4K UHD movies and TV shows to multiple devices simultaneously.

Google Nest WiFi systems are compatible with most internet service providers. So just connect one of the routers to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) modem and you should be good to go. This system also automatically pulls updates from Google and updates itself with the latest software and patches without you having to do anything.

Get rid of dead spots in your home’s Wi-Fi signal with a Google Nest Mesh Wi-Fi system while it’s on sale for just $163.32 (45% off).

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