The former “Bachelor” candidate denounces the Texas education system


An old Bachelor The contestant recently criticized her upbringing in Texas, calling it a joke on her podcast on Thursday, May 5. Dallas-Fort Worth-area reality TV star Demi Burnett has spoken about her blind spots and how the education system in the Lone Star State has failed her.

On his podcast, Half GoddessBurnett, of Red Oak, and his guest, single nation vlogger Dave Neal, both said they were embarrassed to google what antebellum meant. Burnett noted that she didn’t learn these things in school.

“In Texas history, it’s a joke,” Burnett, 27, said. “Our teachers are coaches, and the only reason they are our teachers is because they want to be a coach, so all they care about is their football team.”

the old Bachelor in Paradise The star also opened up about having had the same history teacher three times throughout her studies. Burnett claimed the man slept for each test, allowing everyone to cheat with their open books.

Burnett posted a clip from her podcast on TikTok, where she received more than 1.6 million views on her vision for education in Texas. Most people in the reviews were ok with his takeaways.

@demlia Kudos to all the teachers who are actively working to change school systems!!! #fyp #Texas #texaseducation #school #the story #high school #education ♬ original sound – Demi Burnett

Burnett, who appeared in Colton Underwood’s season of The single person, got a backlash in February 2021 after he was caught wearing a controversial Yezzy jacket that had a Confederate flag on the sleeve. Burnett apologized, saying she thought it was just a cool jacket made by Kanye West.

She said she didn’t realize how harmful the flag was to people, adding that she ignored the subject and didn’t stand up for what the Confederate flag stands for, racism and white supremacy.

“It makes me furious because I was rejected by the education system in Texas,” she said, adding that she was ready to jokingly learn that Kanye West was here to get it.

Burnett launched her podcast in April. Lately, she has been educating her followers about the misconceptions about autism in women. She shared her journey with autism and opened up about her diagnosis in an Instagram post in February.

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