Taylor’s Bayou Bridge Project Gets Temporary Bridge


Travelers crossing Taylor’s Bayou will soon have a temporary bridge to use while the existing one over Texas 124 is under construction as part of a project to widen the body of water below.

Jefferson County commissioners last week approved an engineering services contract to plan the temporary bridge.

“During a flood, the flow of water from the northwest part of the county – China, Nome and parts of Beaumont – through this system was pinched,” said Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick. “Part of the project is to build a new bridge, which will allow them to open up the bayou so that we don’t have this impediment to the flow of water into the floodway and south into the waterway. Gulf Intracoastal.”

The Texas Department of Transportation said if the original bridge was completely closed, the project could be completed in nine months.

However, if the bridge remained open to one-lane traffic during construction, the entire reconstruction would take 18 months. Closure of the bridge was deemed to be faster.

Additionally, closing the bridge and maintaining a temporary bridge next to it was deemed to be a good option for other concurrently ongoing projects.

“Just west you have all this work going on on Interstate 10, and so TxDOT came back and said we don’t want to shut it down completely because if we have wreckage here, we have to route traffic around 124,” Branick said. “And if that bridge is completely closed, we really have a mess here on Interstate 10.”

According to Branick, the temporary bridge will allow two-way traffic, one lane at a time. Traffic lights will signal vehicles when it is their turn to move forward.

Construction of the temporary bridge will add over $140,000 to the total project, bringing it to over $500,000. County and Drainage District 6 also share the additional cost of the temporary bridge. The majority of the cost of the project is covered by a grant from the Texas General Land Office.

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