Sypris wins award for electronic warfare system upgrade


Sypris wins award for electronic warfare system upgrade

Sypris Electronics, LLC, a subsidiary of Sypris Solutions, Inc., announced that it recently received a multi-year follow-up award from a U.S. DOD contractor to produce and test several power modules for the upgrade of the electronic warfare suite of a major US fighter aircraft program. Production is expected to transition to full-rate production from 2022. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The power supplies that will be produced by Sypris will be integrated into a suite that will replace the functionally obsolete self-protection system of existing aircraft. The upgrade aims to significantly improve the aircraft’s ability to autonomously and automatically detect, identify and locate radio frequency threats. The electronic warfare suite update is essential for the aircraft, which is expected to be in service until 2040.

According to information sources, the system will provide fully integrated radar warning, situational awareness, geolocation and self-protection capabilities to maximize mission effectiveness and aircraft survivability in harsh environments. highly contested environments. This advanced all-digital system enables deeper penetration against modern integrated defense systems and provides rapid response capabilities designed to protect aircrew.

Additionally, the system will give current and future aircraft more survivability when operating near or in contested airspace. The system allows pilots to monitor, locate and jam enemy radars, as well as deceive them of aircraft position and heading, by collecting and processing electromagnetic energy and instantly creating a complete 360 ​​degree image. of the battle space.

“This multi-year follow-on award advances our partnership on this critical and technically advanced upgrade program,” said Mark Kane, vice president and general manager of Sypris Electronics. “It is an honor for us to participate in the production of these advanced electronic systems for combatants. We are pleased to have this opportunity to broaden and extend our relationship with this important customer.

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