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Imphal | January 7

Police arrested students on Friday who took part in a protest against the court’s petition challenging the introduction of the Domestic Line Permit (ILP) in Manipur.

The Joint Committee on the Domestic Line Permit System (JCILPS) demanded the “immediate and unconditional” release of the detained students.

Police arrested at least five students who took part in a protest organized by the student wing of JCILPS against the court’s request for the introduction of the ILP system in the state.

The Supreme Court of India a few days ago issued an opinion to the central government and the government of Manipur on a plea challenging the system filed by Amra Bangali, a Kolkata-based organization.

The court’s request sought a direction from the court to revoke the ILP system.

Demanding that the court’s request be withdrawn, a group of students under the aegis of JCILP, Student’s Wing, staged a protest outside the western gate of Kangla Fort in Imphal.

Protesters burned effigies of Amra Bangali leaders while shouting various slogans against the organization.

As police were trying to control the situation, protesters attempted to stage a street protest rally along BT Road.

A confrontation between the protesters and the police broke out, as a result of which the police recovered at least five of them. They were immediately transferred to the town police station.

Speaking to reporters at the protest site, leaders of the student wing of JCILPS said the ILP system was introduced in the state for the sole purpose of protecting the state’s indigenous peoples and that it was not directed against any particular community.

By filing a petition in court, Amra Bangali challenged the constitutional right of the people of Manipur, the student wing of JCILPS alleged.

Meanwhile, the student wing of JCILPS has warned that the committee will launch a series of unrest if the students arrested by police are not released immediately without any conditions.

Addressing a press conference at the JCILPS office in Imphal, the head of the student wing, Haobijam Challamba, recalled that the Center has introduced the ILP system in the state following a constant movement to protect the indigenous peoples of the state.

The court’s request came at a time when JCILPS and other civil society organizations are demanding the effective implementation of the ILP system in Manipur.

“We strongly condemn Amra Bangali for going to court for the revocation of the ILP system,” Challamba said.

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