Steam refund abuse caused summer 58 developer Emika Games to consider a hiatus


Emika Games, aka Alexander Reshetnikov, is considering leaving development “indefinitely” after claiming that a number of Steam users abused the storefront’s two-hour refund system to return their latest version, Summer ’58.

Describe the situation on Twitter, the independent developer suggested Summer 58 was reimbursed by “a large number” of players on Steam despite positive reviews simply for not exceeding two hours.

As it is, Summer 58 has achieved a “very positive” rating on Steam since its launch on July 21, 2021, with 88% of the title’s 279 reviewers praising the game.

Despite the warm welcome, Emika said they didn’t earn enough money to move forward with their next project, Day by day, due to the high number of refunds.

“The point is that my game Summer 58 does not reach 2 hours of playtime by Steam standards. [Becasue of this, I’ve received] a lot of feedback on the game, even with positive reviews, and [haven’t earned enough] to create a new game, ”said Emika.

“Thank you very much for supporting me. I am very happy that you like my games, but since I have [no means]to do something new, I will have to do something else. “

Steam’s refund policy currently allows users to request a refund for almost any purchase if the title has been played for less than two hours, and Emika believes some Summer 58 players abused the system to claim their money despite having finished and enjoying the title.

“You can request a refund for almost any purchase on Steam – for any reason. Maybe your PC doesn’t meet hardware requirements; maybe you bought a game by mistake; maybe be have you played the title for an hour and just didn’t do it like that, ”the Steam refund policy reads at time of writing.

Valve notes that anyone who abuses the system will be prohibited from claiming refunds in the future, and reiterates that “refunds are designed to eliminate the risk of buying titles on Steam – not as a way to get free games.” .

Since posting her initial statement, Emika has been inundated with supportive social media posts. As a result, the developer indicated he might reconsider his break, but again called those paying back Summer 58 without reason.

“I want to create games without artificially extending [completion]times so that [players don’t]bored at the end so they go out less than 2 hours. I think you noticed that my games are like short stories, similar to the fact that you can watch a movie, not a TV series “, they tweeted.

“I’m not offended by those people who turned the game around because they didn’t like it or because of technical issues, but if one person went all the way and turned the game around it can be compared to the fact that she ate all the pizza, but didn’t like it, and just returned the box and their money. “

Game Developer has contacted Emika for more details on the situation.

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