State-run weapons developer to build new missile testing facility amid NK threats



(Defense Acquisition Program Administration – Yonhap)

South Korea’s defense research agency plans to build a new testing facility for weapons development as the country seeks to bolster the ‘three-axis’ deterrence system to counter evolving threats from North Korea, an informed source said Wednesday.

The Defense Development Agency is expected to build the facility near its existing test site in Taean, 109 kilometers south of Seoul, with the aim of completing construction in 2026, the source said.

The National Assembly’s National Defense Committee recently approved a draft budget of about 1.4 billion won ($1.02 million) to support the start of construction next year. The project would cost about 35 billion won in total.

The proposed facility will be designed to test the country’s strategic weapons and bolster the three-axis system in response to North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats.

The three-pronged system consists of the Kill Chain preemptive strike platform; the Korea Massive Punishment and Retaliation, a program aimed at targeting an adversary’s leadership in an emergency situation; and Korea’s air and missile defense system.

North Korea has unleashed a barrage of missiles in recent weeks, including last week’s firing of a suspected malfunctioning intercontinental ballistic missile, amid growing speculation it may soon conduct a nuclear test. (Yonhap)

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