Stamford Gives Developer Permission to Repair BLT’s Allure Tower Collapsed Terrace


STAMFORD — A month after an outdoor terrace at a South End skyscraper collapsed, city officials have approved the first stages of its repair.

Harbor Point developer Building and Land Technology began removing the fallen concrete slab at Allure – one of its waterfront skyscrapers – on Wednesday. Stamford chief operating officer Matt Quinones confirmed that city building department officials approved planning permission for the work on Tuesday.

“Engineers have assured us that this will not impact the investigation,” Quinones told the Stamford Advocate.

Consulting engineers from WJE – hired by the city – and Henderson Rodgers Structural Engineers – hired by BLT – identified “missing tendons” in Allure’s concrete slab in early February. WJE engineers used radar technology and visual examination to confirm missing supports in the slab, Government Center officials told the Council of Representatives last week.

So far, WJE’s investigation remains focused on the single collapsed slab, but city officials following the damage promised they would conduct visual inspections at other BLT properties. Despite the limited scope of the WJE investigation, Quinones said those first looks did happen.

The 20-by-15-foot section of Allure’s fifth-floor exterior terrace collapsed on February 1, leaving portions of the parking garage and building amenity spaces beneath the terrace temporarily unusable. No one was injured and no personal property was damaged.

The developer and Stamford officials told the public they believe “the issue is isolated to this specific location in Allure,” as a BLT spokesperson told The Stamford Advocate in an email. . But nonetheless, the news sparked fear and acrimony from elected officials and residents alike.

City officials on the Public Safety Committee pushed the city to expand the formal investigation to more BLT-affiliated properties. Although operations officials and WJE have so far declined to do so, Quinones has repeatedly stressed that the investigation is “ongoing” and that his department will continue to assess conditions at Harbor Point as WJE continues. to collect information.

Despite the ongoing investigation, neither structural engineers nor Quinones have determined who – if anyone – is responsible for the fallen slab. And regarding BLT, company spokesman Rob Blanchard said in a statement that he remains committed to completing the investigation.

“We continue to work with City of Stamford building officials and their engineers to confirm exactly what caused the slab to collapse,” Blanchard said.

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