Someone has hacked into the tracking system of the world’s largest yacht. While the seized $800 million Dilbar megayacht is moored in Hamburg, its location is reported as Sardinia.


The cat-and-mouse game of Russian billionaires and their superyachts refuses to let go. Superyacht Dilbar, the $800 million asset of sanctioned billionaire Alisher Usmanov, has been moored in Hamburg since it was seized. German authorities from the Federal Criminal Police Office have seized the 500ft in the port of Hamburg, stripping the first Facebook investor of one of its most valuable assets. Since its capture, the ship has not moved an inch; it was even completely covered for a while, possibly for a new paint job.


The current location of the 500ft luxury vessel Dilbar on the vessel tracking website Marine traffic is somewhere in Sardinia, and it’s definitely not a marina. The only action noted regarding motoryacht Dilbar was due to her AIS ruffling her current position. The possibility of the world’s largest megayacht (by volume) boasting 3,800 square meters of living space docking on a locked space in Sardinia is negligible.

As of this writing, the Dilbar is moored in the Port of Hamburg. The screenshot is from a live webcam of a Hamburg hotel facing the harbour.

Not only does this defy logic, but there is enough evidence in the form of a live view of the Port of Hamburgwhere the majestic motor yacht is spotted in all its glory.


According eSysman SuperYachts, the same thing happened with the superyacht Predator, which was also shown to be located in Sardinia. While other trackers continue to show Dilbar’s location in Hamburg, this news, had it reached Usmanov, would have given him quite a shock. After all, when it comes to his sailing monument, even the top Russian billionaires, worth $17.9 billion, did not hesitate to implore the European courts to suspend the harsh penalties so that he can recover his seized $800 million Dilbar megayacht.

Alisher Usmanov

Calls from Russian tycoon Alisher Usmanov went unanswered:
Alisher Usmanov, who owes most of his wealth to metal and mining operations and investments, tried to get his megayacht back in April. The oligarch filed an appeal with the EU General Court on April 29, asking the bloc’s second-highest court to suspend the sanctions until the judges decide. For Usmanov, it was heartbreaking to lose an asset like Dilbar, three times the length of an Olympic swimming pool with two helipads, a garden and plenty of amenities. Usmanov failed to demonstrate a direct causal link between the financial situation of the subsidiaries and his inclusion on the EU sanctions list, and his legal action was dismissed. said: “The Court said the claim failed to demonstrate serious urgency/irreparable harm because Mr. Usmanov had relied solely on harm related to the financial viability of 3 USM subsidiaries in which he maintains a share of 49% and therefore has no control.” It cannot be ignored that a triumph for Usmanov would open the floodgates for other billionaires to follow relentlessly, trying every trick in the book to win back their beloved pleasure boats.

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