SKY Technology and Wallet Developer D’CENT Sign Marketing Memorandum of Understanding


Seoul, South Korea, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About April 7, 2022SKY Technology Co., LTD and IoTrust, the developer of the D’CENT cryptocurrency wallet, announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate on the marketing of SKY Play, a new major NFT trading platform launched by SKY Technology.

SKY Technology, which recently created a Singapore, is set to issue its own cryptocurrency for exchange on global markets. It will also release a variety of new lifestyle content through SKY Play.

Sang-ok Chang, CEO of SKY Technology, said, “SKY Play is the ultimate easy NFT trading platform, and we welcome our new partnership with D’CENT, one of the most technologically advanced crypto wallets around. and the most competitive in the world on the market today. . At SKY Technology, we have made it our single goal to ensure that SKY Play offers the maximum in convenience, reliability and accessibility for everyone who joins this exciting new platform.

Leech BaekCEO of IoTrust said, “DeFi services have seen explosive growth over the past year, and there is no doubt that NFTs and P2E will become the blockchain-killing applications of 2022. Thanks to our partnership of NFT and P2E-based platform with SKY Play, D’CENT will play a major role in expanding the blockchain ecosystem, including expanding opportunities in South East Asia.”


Starting with easy P2E games, SKY Play will offer a rich variety of lifestyle content, including games, movies, sports, education and art, all of which will be delivered through one platform. easy NFT business form optimized for mobile UI/UX. SKY Play will provide a bigger and better space than just a portal, encouraging users and service providers to grow and prosper within an easy-to-use, reliable and trustworthy ecosystem.

CENT Wallet

D’CENT is a next-generation cryptocurrency hardware wallet offering a robust set of security features. Each D’CENT cold wallet is built on a multi-IC architecture to provide the best private key protection. D’CENT offers biometric fingerprint authentication to secure user privacy and data and works with mobile devices over a secure Bluetooth connection for wireless convenience.

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