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The latest version of Directory Services Protector (DSP) provides a complete picture of risk exposure in hybrid environments and monitors cyber threats in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory in a single view.

HOBOKEN, NJ – (BUSINESS WIRE) –#UN D– Semperis, the pioneer of identity-driven cyber resilience for enterprises, today announced the preview version of Directory Services Protector 3.6, which simplifies the management of identity security in hybrid environments that use Both on-premises Active Directory and Azure Active Directory. DSP’s new capabilities to detect and remediate security risks in hybrid identity environments address the challenge organizations face in addressing the increase in attacks that enter organizations through on-premises AD and then move to the cloud – or vice versa – as in the SolarWinds attack.

“We see many different challenges in protecting hybrid identity environments, starting with the fundamental fact that technically Active Directory and Azure Active Directory – other than name – have very little in it. common, ”said Mickey Bresman, CEO of Semperis. “Azure AD provides a different protocol stack, requiring a very different management approach, including protecting the identity system from cyber attacks. With a hybrid scenario, the potential attack surface increases for an opponent. It’s a relatively common scenario to see attacks start on-premises and move to the cloud, or move from cloud to on-premises.

In hybrid AD environments, the DSP displays a single view of security metrics in AD and Azure AD, allowing IT teams to correlate changes between on-premises and cloud environments and could signal an attack in progress. In a recent report from 451 Research, analyst Garrett Bekker highlighted the challenges of securing hybrid identity systems.

“The vital nature of directories has been further amplified by the continuous migration of resources to the cloud, as each ‘cloud’, whether an IaaS platform or a SaaS application, typically has its own. Identity repository with which applications must work, ”said Bekker. “Keeping directories in a secure state has therefore become a huge challenge, in part because most directories are constantly changing as new users are added or change jobs and new applications are installed. To request access to the report, visit

Semperis DSP simplifies the protection of hybrid AD environments by:

  • Providing a single view of pre-attack and post-attack metrics in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory

  • Provide the ability to track changes in near real time in Azure Active Directory and perform hybrid searches on on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD

  • Illustrate actions that start on-premises and extend to Azure AD

  • Generation of a risk profile mapped to MITER ATT & CK and other security frameworks

  • Evaluate and continuously improve the hybrid AD security posture to defend against attacks

In conjunction with version 3.6 of Directory Services Protector, Semperis is publishing a new white paper that addresses the serious challenges of securing a hybrid Active Directory environment, “Securing Hybrid Active Directory Environments: A Practical Guide to Closing Security Gaps in Active Directory and Azure Active Directory ”(available at Written by Doug Davis, Senior Product Manager at Semperis, this resource helps organizations defend the extended attack surface that accompanies a hybrid identity environment.

In addition to providing end-to-end threat protection for hybrid AD environments, Directory Services Protector offers frequent security metrics on an ongoing release cycle to address threats discovered by or in response to the Semperis research team. to external threats. Recent versions resulting from the exclusive work of the Semperis research team include Windows Print Spooler (PrintNightmare) and PetitPotam critical vulnerability flags, which can allow an attacker to obtain full domain administrator permissions in an organization .

Directory Services Protector 3.6, now available in preview for Semperis customers, is slated for general availability in November 2021. For more information, visit

About Semperis

For security teams tasked with defending hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Semperis ensures the integrity and availability of critical enterprise directory services at every step of the cyber kill chain and reduces recovery time by 90 %. Designed specifically to secure hybrid Active Directory environments, Semperis patented technology protects more than 50 million identities against cyber attacks, data breaches and operational errors. The world’s largest organizations trust Semperis to detect directory vulnerabilities, intercept ongoing cyber attacks, and quickly recover from ransomware and other data integrity emergencies. Semperis is headquartered in New Jersey and operates internationally, with its research and development team spread between San Francisco and Tel Aviv.

Semperis hosts the award-winning Hybrid Identity Protection conference ( The company has received the highest level of industry accolades, most recently ranked No. 157 in the Inc. 5000 and the fourth fastest growing company in the Tri-State and 35e overall in the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 ™. Semperis is accredited by Microsoft and recognized by Gartner.



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