River OS: LG introduces alternative ad-based TV operating system

LG Ads, the company's advertising arm, has announced River OS which is a new Smart TV operating system built on ads and personalization. The first River OS-based Smart TVs will ship in late 2021.

River OS

LG Ads said that it has already lined up multiple OEM partners. The first River OS-powered Smart TVs will ship in India by the end of 2021, and in the US and elsewhere sometime in 2022.
"Our current OEM partners include LG, Sharp, Hisense, Toshiba, Seiki, Skyworth, Tivo, and Sling Media, with over 10 more OEMs committed to joining us in 2021," LG Ads wrote on its website.

River OS. Photo: Company

River OS will have a personalized homescreen with content and ads tailored to the specific user through profiling. All device, input, channel, and app switching in the Smart TV is handled by River OS, which will also have deep integration of voice control. - "With streaming dominating viewing time today, it’s still too hard for people to find, discover and enjoy the programs they want to watch, across literally thousands of content sources available. River OS solves that challenge in an elegant way and delivers new, fully voice-controlled smart TV features that consumers will find innovative and essential. And we’re able to package ad-supported content in a way that allows our OEM partners to deliver a high-quality product at an affordable price point," said John Gee, chief business development officer for LG Ads.

LG River OS

LG River OS. Photo: Company

Ads can invade your home screen

The company's new alternative TV operating system was created by LG Ads Solutions, which is a partnership between LG and Alphonso. LG acquired a majority stake in Alphonso in January 2021.
“Content partners and brand advertisers will have a wide range of interactive native ad formats, including home screenshots, to engage consumers on the biggest screen in the home. Native ads make it easy for viewers to click on ad units to access trailers, videos, and microsites. , and other experiences ", wrote LG Ads Solutions in reference to smart TVs powered by River OS.
Read also : LG's webOS 6.0 platform for 2021 TVs has a redesigned home screenIt's unclear what River OS means for the future of LG's webOS, which has already turned to ads and personalization in version 6.0 preinstalled on LG's 2021 LCD and OLED TVs. LG Ads said that "major content streaming services and apps will be readily available on TVs powered by River OS," which might suggest there is a link to webOS.

River operating system

From LG Ads Solutions website: Personalized smart home screen adapted to each member of the household:We understand the viewing profile of each household member and respond to each point of view so that each recommendation reflects the individual's preferences. All guide information, recommendations and search results take into account each household member's personal taste and viewing history. Our natural language processing adapts to the person speaking so that responses are tailored to the individual. Personalized, hands-free switching to any content and global search using voiceWe help viewers quickly access their favorite shows and discover new content by making recommendations based on their viewing preferences and trending shows. Our operating system responds to natural voice commands, such as "Skip to the news", "Show me what's going on" or "Find a funny movie". All content in one place and seamless failover to contentWe provide personalized content recommendations regardless of app, HDMI input, or streaming service. We automatically manage all switching of devices, inputs, channels, services and applications in the background. Data-driven recommendationsOur operating system applies advanced machine learning that matches your individual preferences to the vast world of content available and only features the shows you're going to want to see. Own the lounge with River OS- Take control of the entire home screen - Enjoy optimal visibility on the largest screen in the house - Be present on the TV watched by everyone in the house
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- Source: LG Ads

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