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Chezidek Sounds For All for “UNITE”

November 30, 2020
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Chezidek Sounds For All for “UNITE”

Unite is the third single from Chezidek’s Hello Africa album,
that came out this summer.
“So much is happening with black people all over the world,
so i have a lot to say”Chezidek revealed.
It seemed that Chezidek was destined to marry the black conscience. The singer was born Desbert Johnson in St. Ann, a lush rural parish on the north coast of Jamaica. It is also the cradle of the Pan-African icon Marcus Garvey, and reggae legends Bob marley and Fire lance.

An elite group of Jamaican musicians worked with Chezidek on Hello Africa. They include the keyboardist Robbie lyn, bass player Donald “Danny Bassy” Dennis and drummer George “Dusty” Millerfrom the fire station team, guitarist Mitchum “Khan” Chin and bassist Flabba Holt of Roots Radics Band Fame.

Her career started as Chilla Rinch 25 years ago, but it’s also Chezidek that he made his mark with producers like
Philip “Fatis” Burrell of Xterminator records.

Over the years he has released 8 albums which have resulted in songs like The Hymn To Marijuana, Leave the trees,Call Pon Dem and Mash Dem Down.

HELLO AFRICA is the second collaboration between
Tad’s international record and Chezidek – the first being Herbalist, released in 2009. It is produced by
Tad dawkins and Tad Dawkins Jr.

HELLO AFRICA pays homage to the remarkable series of quality recordings that Chezidek has produced. Enjoy!
Facebook: @tadsrecordinc
Instagram: @tadsrecord
Twitter: @tadsrecord

Facebook: @chezidek
Instagram: @chezidektheherbalist
Twitter: @puppachezidek

United States – 1.877.4Reggae / JA – 876.929.2563

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