Rebel Foods Deploys TAGBOX’s Real-Time Cold Chain Monitoring System


SINGAPORE, May 18, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TagBox has announced that it is providing its AssetLens solution to Rebel Foods, the world’s largest Internet-based restaurant company, for real-time monitoring of temperature, door openings and consumption. of energy.

Ouday MahajanSVP Engineering at Rebel Foods said, “At Rebel Foods, we are committed to providing our customers with a safe, consistent and high quality experience. A critical part of this is keeping all of our SKUs at the correct temperature. This is also mandated by the FSSAI. , which requires us to monitor and record the temperature of our cold storage equipment once a day. With Tagbox, we are able to eliminate this manual process and achieve accurate real-time temperature monitoring of our equipment, with automated alerts sent to kitchen staff and maintenance staff in the event of deviations”.

Adarsh ​​KumarCEO of TagBox, said in a statement: “All organizations dealing with perishables must be additionally vigilant about the temperature conditions of raw materials and finished products. For kitchens, retail stores or warehouses, companies still rely on local staff to monitor the temperature of chillers, freezers or cold rooms manually and record it in a log for auditing purposes.This method is prone to manual errors, data recording gaps, to data loss or, worse, data tampering.Any quality-focused organization should aim to become automated, the central control tower visibility of every cold chain asset in their portfolio.Rebel Foods has been one of those organizations and we are excited to deploy our cold storage monitoring system in their kitchens.

TagBox’s AssetLens platform has built-in features such as live temperature compliance score, real-time alarms for temperature excursions, on/off status of assets, and abnormal number or duration of ‘door opening. Additionally, AssetLens provides analysis and reporting modules that identify system failures such as high asset power consumption, which could be predictive signals of asset malfunction or store SOP non-compliance.

About Tagbox:

TagBox works with organizations across India and APAC to address issues such as quality and compliance, traceability and operational efficiency in their supply chains.

About stubborn foods:

Rebel Foods is the world’s largest and fastest growing Internet restaurant company. With over 450 kitchens in over 70 cities and 25 brands, Rebel Foods has developed its comprehensive technology – Rebel OS – through which multiple brands are launched and grown in a very short time. Rebel Foods currently operates over 45 brands in 10 countries.

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