Quest’s New Solution Protects Hybrid Active Directory and Microsoft 365 Against Ransomware Attacks


Quest Software announced the availability of On Demand Audit (ODA) anomaly detection to protect against ransomware by detecting abnormal activity in hybrid Active Directory and Microsoft 365 environments. As ransomware remains a significant threat to organizations, ODA anomaly detection acts as an additional layer of protection by detecting significant spikes in activity that could indicate an attack or compromise so that organizations can stop attackers before they enter their environments.

ODA combines Critical Indicator of Compromise (IOC) monitoring to detect and thwart intrusions with advanced analytics to detect abnormal increases in user activity that may indicate an attack in progress. By automatically scanning large volumes of events to proactively notify users of irregular or inconsistent activity requiring investigation, organizations don’t have to wait for intruders to come forward before taking action. This early detection feature allows attackers to be stopped before significant damage occurs. ODA Anomaly Detection presents anomalies in context to illustrate real threats and speed up investigations, eliminating the need to spend days looking for false positives, saving time and resources.

“The ransomware is not going to go away. The volume of attacks is increasing and attacks are becoming more and more impactful, ”said Michael Tweddle, president and CEO of Quest Microsoft Platform Management. “On-demand audit anomaly detection enables organizations to respond and eliminate intruders before attacks escalate. Having a backup in place is no longer enough; organizations need a type of protection that highlights potentially abnormal behavior before it becomes a full blown attack.

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