Promoter of $400 million salmon farm sued by former employee


BUCKSPORT, Maine (AP) — The parent company overseeing the construction of an onshore salmon farm in Bucksport is facing a lawsuit from a consulting firm hired to work on the project.

Whole Ocean’s parent company, Emergent Holdings, is being sued by GNP Consulting after it was fired for allegedly underestimating the cost of building the farm by $150 million, the Bangor Daily News reported Sunday.

According to Emergent, in 2019 he reached a deal to pay GNP Consulting owners Nicholas and Gabriel Pranger $3 million for ownership of their aquaculture engineering company PR Aqua. Emergent would also pay the company $3.25 million in installments.

But court documents say the consultancy contract ended in June 2021 after the companies’ relationship soured.

Following the termination of the contract, the firm filed a lawsuit against Emergent in Indiana. The complaint said Emergent owed the company $2.4 million under the installment agreement.

But Emergent’s counterclaim argued payments to the company were halted because it understated the Whole Oceans project by $150 million. The project is now estimated to be worth nearly $400 million due to “poor planning,” Emergent said.

The Prangers’ lawyer did not respond to a request for comment, the newspaper said.

Emergent’s attorney declined to comment on the lawsuit.

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