Project Lifesaver Alzheimer’s Support Program Receives George Foundation Grant


The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office Lifesaver Project recently received a $21,625 grant from the George Foundation, the sheriff’s office said.

Project Lifesaver is a non-profit program for people with dementia.

The grant will help citizens of Fort Bend living with autism, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and traumatic brain injury, who are prone to wandering from their homes.

The funds will be used to purchase 50 transmitters and five receivers to help sheriff’s deputies and other first responders find wanderers and return them to loved ones, the sheriff’s office said.

More than five million Americans suffer from Alzheimer’s disease. Six in 10 of these people will wander at some point in their lives and risk serious injury or death if not rescued within 24 hours. Autism affects 1 in 59 children; nearly half of these children will wander or run away if left unsupervised.

The program is a collaboration with Project Lifesaver International, a non-profit organization established in 1999 that locates wanderers.

The PLI is widely used in the United States.

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