Project Hashtag 2022 features collective works by two groups of young artists



“Our, Never Stopped” by Lost Air featured at “Project Hashtag 2022” at MMCA in Seoul (MMCA)

The National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Korea unveiled this year’s “Project Hashtag” on Sunday, aimed at promoting interdisciplinary collaboration among young artists. The two winners, Cyrpton and Lost Air, presented new works integrated into virtual spaces.

The museum announced the two winners of the open call competition in May for the annual exhibition. A total of 106 contestants — many of whose works were related to the non-fungible token scene — competed this year, according to the museum. The third edition of the annual project was founded in 2019 in collaboration with Hyundai Motor to support interdisciplinary projects between artists from various fields, including writers and researchers.

Selected group of artists Lost Air explored political, social and cultural issues inspired by the underground music scene through their project called “Rave Geometry”. Comprised of four artists – Lee Woo-gyeong, Park Ju-yeong, Park Min-ju and Lee Da-young – the artist collective has collaborated with DJs, VJs and producers from the underground music scene. The essay film “Our, has never stop” and the four-channel video “Rave Geometry Series” were created to explore four neighborhoods in Seoul: Hongdae, Euljiro, Itaewon, and Seongsu.

Another group of winning artists called Crypton created a fictional tourist destination called “Koko Killing Island”, questioning the value of labor and capital. The group’s three artists – Hwang Su-kyung, Jeong Min-ju and Yeom In-hwa – play with themes of labor, capital and climate change, creating installations and video works that evolve around the fictional island .

Crypton’s “Atoll” Featured at “Project Hashtag 2022” at MMCA Seoul (MMCA)

The virtual island is designed with reference to the subtropical climatic transformation of the Korean Peninsula. New plants are grown there and new foods are developed to suggest that global warming will completely alter the dining experience.

Two selected teams each received 30 million won ($21,300) to create artwork and received a studio at the MMCA Changdong Residence. The exhibition will run until April 9, 2023 at MMCA Seoul.

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