Primaries: Stay committed to our political system no matter the outcome, Lawan tells lawmakers

Ahmed Lawan

Senate President Ahmad Lawan called on lawmakers to remain committed to the political system of their respective parties, regardless of the outcome of the primaries that have just ended.

The President of the Senate said so in an address to welcome members of the upper house back from recess.

The chamber, suspended the plenary on Wednesday, May 11, 2022, to allow lawmakers to participate in the primaries of political parties.

Lawan, in his welcoming remarks, also stressed the need for the Senate to prioritize the country’s security challenges, as well as to undertake further amendments to the electoral law.

According to him, the electoral process of the primaries which has just ended has raised questions which must be examined critically by the National Assembly.

Speaking on the results of the party’s primaries, he said: “Some of us went to conventions for our senatorial districts, some of our colleagues went to the governorship of their states and four of us are gone to the presidency of our great country.

“We have had different results from these activities, but as politicians, it’s never over until it’s over.

“We must continue to support the political system we believe in.

“Those of our colleagues who have achieved success, we wish them even more success in the legislative elections.

“[And] those who have not been so successful, we hope that by then the situation will improve.

“But overall, our commitment to ensuring that this democracy benefits from the legislative interventions of the National Assembly must remain our priority.

“As a parliament, we still have problems that require our legislative intervention.

“The security of our country always needs our attention and therefore I urge all of us to continue where we left off before leaving on vacation, giving due and desired attention to improving security of our citizens.

“The electoral process may have raised some questions that the National Assembly could also examine and resolve, because the electoral act itself, although it is a good document, is not a perfect document.

“So it needs tweaking from time to time to improve our election process.”

The President of the Senate added that the Ninth Assembly over the past three years has done a lot to improve the quality of governance.

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