Porsche Korea launches “Bee’lieve in Dreams”, an urban beekeeping project

Porsche Korea (Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea Ltd.) announced that it has successfully launched a bee garden at Daemo Mountain located in Gangnam, Seoul, in collaboration with Seoul Green Trust, as part of the “Bee’lieve in” project. Dreams ”aimed at developing urban beekeeping and green spaces in Seoul City.

As part of Porsche’s CSR campaign in Korea “Porsche Do Dream”, “Bee’lieve in Dreams”, newly presented this year, is a project that reflects the brand’s vision to create a sustainable future and the “belief” that bees, as an ecological species indicator, can modify the urban environment.

Through this project, Porsche Korea wishes to promote biodiversity and contribute to the creation of a city where people and nature coexist. It is expected that by increasing the habitat of endangered bees and creating green spaces made of honeysuckle plants, we will take one more step towards solving various ecological problems as well as restoring the population of Honeysuckle. bees, which is declining due to climate change, pesticides, and various diseases.

‘Bee’lieve in Dreams’, with a gross area of ​​247㎡ (75 pyeong), is planted with domestic herbaceous plants including peaches, flowering apples, maples and other plants that provide honey and pollen to bees, ‘URBAN BEES SEOUL’, a company specializing in urban beekeeping, will ensure the breeding and management of bees and for safety has installed the hives in an area far from the garden, while their experience of l he urban beekeeping aims to save the city’s ecosystem.

In addition, the project plans to improve the park’s recreational space by installing chairs and other equipment so that citizens who visit the park can appreciate the different types of honey plants in the garden and recharge their batteries in the natural environment.

Holger Gerrmann, CEO of Porsche Korea, said: “The Porsche ‘Bee’live in Dreams’ is designed for the citizens of Seoul to enjoy nature and connect with nature by increasing the habitat of endangered bees, by expanding green spaces and biodiversity for nature conservation. ”” and added: “Bees are essential for achieving sustainable development and we hope that through our new social contribution program we can contribute to promote synergies between human well-being and the maintenance of environmental resources for future generations.

Following the initiative of Porsche AG’s head office, this urban beekeeping project in Korea is the first for the company outside of Germany. Porsche AG raises 3 million bees at a 1.32 million㎡ site within the Leipzig off-road testing grounds, producing 400 kg of honey per year. Porsche AG established a concept of sustainable grazing in Leipzig already 20 years ago, providing ponds, wetlands and pastures and a natural habitat for many flora and fauna.

Porsche Korea will continue to carry out the urban beekeeping project “Bee’lieve in Dreams” in 2022. The project plants trees and flowers in the garden to complement green spaces and support educational experience programs that inform people of the existential value of bees and threats to one of the world’s most important species.

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