Planned protest against customs modernization project fails


A secretly planned protest targeting the customs modernization project reportedly hit a brick wall.
The planned protest was reportedly intended to disrupt the project, which focuses on reforming the Nigerian Customs Service and expanding the work of the Comptroller General of Customs to end corruption in the process. It will also be a major contribution to federal government revenue generation.

Some of the gains of the project include the accurate determination of customs duties, full remittance of revenue to the government, and increased business activities for customs clearance agents and freight forwarders, who are key stakeholders.
It was found that some officers expressed concerns about their job security, as a significant number of officers are not computer literate, which would have led to sponsoring the planned protest.

During the signing of the concession agreement, the Comptroller General of Customs expressed his optimism about the project and also said that all customs officers would be computer literate thanks to the project, in addition to the fact that no invoices for Officer would be fired, but rather the 15,000-person service is only operating with half the total staff required at current operating levels.

The concession agreement, signed on May 30, 2022, according to the managing director of the trade modernization project, Dr. Jummai Umar-Ajijola, is expected to generate a revenue target of $176 billion for the federal government.

“The main benefit of the project is the significant growth in the revenue profile of the federal government. The project will generate more than $176 billion for the federal government over the life of the concession.
“The project will put Nigeria on par with the rest of the world in deploying technology to facilitate international trade.
“The economic diversification activities of the F

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