Pixel Issuer Brings B2B Video/Audio Database and Crowdsourced Indexing System to Market

Issuer Pixel, a video-centric, B2B and crowdsourced video indexing, networking and sharing platform, connects businesses to the world. The platform consists of a video/audio database with participatory indexing and extremely robust search capability; a video/audio library with full content controls; active visibility and a global distribution channel for media content targeting global exposure; and a communication network system (business to business and user to business).

As the volume of digital content has grown exponentially in recent years, emerging small, medium and large businesses around the world, across all industries, have struggled to gain meaningful exposure with their own video and audio, largely due to the lack of a platform dedicated solely to business content to improve business visibility. With today’s announcement, Issuer Pixel is tackling and solving this challenge head-on.

“This isn’t just a huge leap for our business, it’s truly a huge leap forward for the enterprise video and audio content space as a whole, and a new level of opportunity for businesses around the world. world,” said CEO David N. Baker. “With our new video/audio indexing system, businesses will be able to accurately store and index all of their digital content and present it directly to viewers they are struggling to reach.”

The Issuer Pixel video/audio database, based on patented technology, gives businesses, suppliers, consumers, investors and partners the ability to store, search, share and distribute enterprise media content with an unparalleled level of capability:

1) Over 8 billion search combinations

2) Over 125,000 industry-specific categories

3) Over 70 search criteria for video/audio

4) Over 1,250 drop-down fields in the search system

5) Advanced filters for customizable searches based on company size, region, earnings and dividends, performance indicators, listing status, ownership structure, etc.

Where most existing video platforms are a mix of entertainment and uncategorized B2C content, Issuer Pixel is the first global platform designed specifically to meet the needs of large enterprises to small businesses with a high volume of video content. /internal and external audio.

“We know companies struggle to cut through the noise of all that’s out there on social media and other video sites to find the media they’re looking for,” Baker said. “Issuer Pixel is the first platform that truly harnesses the power of crowd-sourced video and audio indexing to enable businesses to find or be found.”

With Issuer Pixel’s Crowd Sourced video/audio indexing capability, businesses can store and categorize all of their video and audio content in a central repository with the flexibility to manage privacy, visibility, and the ability to share.

In addition to helping businesses meet their internal organizational needs, the unique Issuer Pixel platform provides greater visibility by delivering enterprise video and audio to businesses and content-hungry consumers. :

1) Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester Research suggests that a one-minute video is worth 1.8 million words!”

2) A memorable and captivating video can encourage purchase by 97% and increase brand recognition by 139%

3) 95% of consumers said they watched a video to learn more about a product or service and 81% of them were convinced to invest in a particular brand

4) 59% of executives prefer video over reading text

5) 82% of all internet searches are for video

The average SEO cost for small businesses is $750 to $2,000 per month or $5,000 to $30,000 for a one-time project. The Issuer Pixel platform offers SEO benefits to CMOs and business strategists who will experience a noticeable boost in SEO performance and rankings, as well as increased brand visibility and recognition.

1) Attract more visitors by completing accurate business profiles and content ratings for a long term directory and additional resource links

2) Increase discoverability by search engine crawlers with each additional web page built with backlinks to existing web pages

3) Upload video/audio content for organic ranking boost

4) Multiply brand exposure and recognition

5) Complete Social Presence Form Increases Organic Social Media Traffic

6) Multiply efficiency via one-click sharing to post content once to multiple social sites

“We are excited to invite more corporate clients around the world to partner and grow with us,” said Baker. “If you have video and audio finability, visibility and distribution needs with the need to be found, or if you need a direct and relevant channel to gain more meaningful exposure, Issuer Pixel is for you. .”

Interested parties can request an invitation by visiting Issuer Pixel: https://issuerpixel.com

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