Phuket chosen for data project to support COVID-19 response


PHUKET: Phuket has been selected as one of five provinces to pilot a project to develop a real-time database so that policy decisions regarding COVID prevention measures can be made quickly, concisely and appropriately to the current situation.

“On behalf of Phuket, I would like to thank the National Research Office for choosing Phuket as one of the five pilot system development provinces to study the COVID-19 epidemic,” said the vice governor of Phuket. , Piyapong Choowong, at an event held to announce the project yesterday (December 14).

In addition, for funding the Geoinformatics and Space Technologies Development Agency to develop the COVID-19 iMap platform and dashboard to develop cross-agency linkages and better manage data “, did he declare.

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, tourism in Phuket was hit the hardest, so dealing with COVID-19 was extremely difficult for Phuket,” Vice Governor Piyapong said.

“The formulation of measures and the execution of measures must be considered on the basis of a database of precise facts. Therefore, it is important to prepare to link information from relevant agencies in a timely manner, ”he added.

Kandasri Limpakom, Deputy Director of Geoinformatics and Space Technologies Development Agency, explained

“The iMap COVID-19 platform was created to be a tool for security Emergency operations center and Provincial Center for Disease Control by connecting a large amount of geo-informatics data and expanding the platform to make it a data center

“The platform aims to assist in the monitoring and analysis of data related to COVID-19 issues and to support decision-making in the management of public health resources and to recover from COVID-19 situations in having information for decision-making to deal with the situation immediately, ”Ms. Kandasri said.

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