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Two broken down trucks on the NH-2 section from Kigwema to Mao gate. (Courtesy Social Media)

Many potholes appearing in rebuilt section from Lerie to Kigwema, reports Amicus Curiae

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Kohima | May 25

The section of National Road 2 from Kigwema to Mao is in a ‘pitiful state’ as many ‘potholes are starting to appear’ on the works being carried out by the contractor, the Amicus Curiae report submitted to the Court says. Gauhati High Court, Kohima Bench.

Pursuant to an order issued by the Division Bench consisting of Judge Songkhupchung Serto and Judge Kakheto Sema on May 25, Amicus Curiae, A Zhimomi inspected the road in two parts – the recovery section from Lerie to Kigwema and the reconstruction section from Kigwema to Mao.

As a result, the report indicates that the cover section is not yet fully completed, a part still needs to be covered with asphalt concrete. In this stretch, many potholes are beginning to appear, although work has been carried out by the contractor, he pointed out.

Regarding the second part – the Kigwema to Mao section – the report says that the existing road is in a “pitiful state” and “needs to be repaired urgently”. “Potholes of varying sizes dot the entire stretch of road. Clogged drains and/or lack of drainage has resulted in clogging of potholes and also on some sections of the road,” he added.

Accordingly, the Amicus Curiae informed the Court that he had requested the Authority’s Engineer and the Contractor to take urgent and immediate action to maintain the existing road. The maintenance of the existing road is part of the contract and therefore the Authority and the contractor are mandated to take the necessary measures in this regard, he noted.

The Amicus Curiae further noted that “potholes of various sizes and depths, waterlogged areas, constitute a dangerous and perilous journey for commuters” and that discomfort is “best experienced for be explained”. “Public security must encourage the Authority and the Contractor to act. The construction is an ongoing project and such action is possible,” he added.

The Chamber is currently hearing a Public Interest Litigation (Sou moto) in view of the “deplorable state of the road” on the NH-2.

In the meantime, the Authority engineer’s representative informed that the Authority engineer was “indisposed” and therefore would “need a week to submit the progress report and program of work as previously indicated by the Court”.

The senior additional attorney general representing the defendant states said he would be able to file the affidavit, as required by the bench, after one week.

The contractor’s lawyer also argued that the contractor is unable to make much progress because “no payment has been made for the maintenance work carried out so far”.

To this, the lawyer representing NHIDCL and the Union of India argued that under the terms of the agreement, payment would be made upon completion of at least 5% of the entire works, but since the contractor did not complete as scheduled, payment could not be made.

Direction of the court
As a result, the bench noted that nearly three months have passed since the matter was raised, however, submissions from NHIDCL, the authority’s engineer and the contractor suggest there is much to discuss and settle between the three parties for progress. work.

Taking into account that the right of way issue has not been resolved and may take a little longer, we had requested all parties concerned to go ahead with the construction of the road from Kigwema to the Nagaland border on the existing road and to continue with the expansion after the right-of-way issue is resolved, he said.

The parties should move the project forward by resolving all issues between them, bearing in mind the importance of the road for a population of five million people and the fact that three years have passed since the project was launched, he added. “Due to unresolved issues, nothing was done for three years and this led to the current road condition,” he noted.

The Authority’s engineer was given one week to develop the work program as previously indicated and to be physically present in court on the next court date, June 1. Additionally, the bench ordered the parties to resolve any issues between them so that the work can progress and produce a report on the issues resolved at the next hearing.

Considering the deplorable state of the road, the Chamber reiterated that “all parties involved i.e. NHIDCL, Authority Engineer and Contractor will do whatever is under their command to maintain the road so that it is passable”.

Earlier on May 18, the Chamber was informed that the completion of the 19 km stretch of NH-2 from the basement to the asphalt concrete road (BC) would take approximately 7-8 months.

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