New docks, fuel system and wheelchair ramp at Caseville Marina ready just in time for summer


Nearly $900,000 of improvements to the Caseville Municipal Harbor Marina, including new safety features, fuel pumps and an ADA-compliant dock ramp, will be ready just in time for the ‘summer.

The project, largely funded by a grant from the Department of Natural Resources, replaced aging wharves, improved the marina’s fueling system and added stations equipped with lifebuoys and fire extinguishers.

Harbor Master Steve Louwers credited former Caseville Public School Superintendent Dan Tighe with writing the grant proposal that was ultimately approved by the Department of Natural Resources. Louwers said the harbor commission had difficulty insuring the marina due to the aging fuel system, a problem solved by recent upgrades.

“The (improvement project) has been ongoing for some time,” Louwers said, adding that the harbor commission and the city were responsible for 5% of the funding for the improvements.

Louwers said the project included a new monitoring system for the marina’s new fuel tanks. The monitoring system is located in the port office on Main Street and automatically checks for leaks in the pair of tanks or marina fuel lines, as well as tracking the amount of fuel in each tank.

The new fuel pumps will allow boaters to refuel, with each pump being able to dispense both regular fuel and diesel from handles on either side of the pumps. Ignash Petroleum in Caseville will supply the port with regular and diesel fuel. The marina’s tanks will be able to hold 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel and 8,000 gallons of regular fuel, but will only be half full.

Security stations have an alarm that sounds if any of the security equipment is removed. The refueling area also has a new pumping station.

Louwers said Caseville Harbor’s status as a “harbour of refuge,” or a safe place where ships can launch and retrieve boats and shelter, helped the city secure funding for the project.

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Jerry Wroblewski, chairman of the Caseville Harbor Commission, described how the new docks were put together, the pieces linked together like a puzzle, which moved the work forward efficiently. He also described how the old tanks, which had been in the ground for several decades, looked nearly new, with original tags still attached when they were dug up and removed by crews.

“They were 35, oldies but goodies,” Wroblewski said. “When they were removed they were in good condition, but they were still old.”

The marina has 64 slips but keeps about half available for boaters who wish to visit Caseville in the summer.

For more information about the marina, call the Caseville Area Chamber of Commerce at 800-606-1347. To book, call 1-800-447-2757 or go online for

The marina will dedicate the new docks during the 20th annual Fleet Blessing on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30 at 10 a.m.

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