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Des Moines, Iowa – Tuesday September 21, 2021 – It’s been three years since a torrential downpour brought a raging river of water into the basements and backyards of Beaverdale and now something completely different is changing the landscape of the northwestern neighborhood of Des Moines.

“In 2018, I had the second major flood in my basement, five feet of water and lost everything,” said Gloria Hoffman, Des Moines resident and neighbor to the project. “This is why this project is so valuable to the whole community.”

With nearly $ 6 million in funding from local option sales tax and stormwater service charges, the Closes Creek Phase 2B project has left a massive scar in the earth behind homes near 41st St. and College Ave. to create a pool capable of storing more water than 5 Olympic swimming pools.

“Setting up basins like this allows the City to slow down this water during these larger storms,” said Patrick Beane, Des Moines Water Treatment Administrator. “It’s not going to store it permanently, but capture it and store it for a short period of time and slowly release it as storms come and go.”

Work on this phase of the project is expected to be completed this year by providing a large surface retention basin for stormwater that will significantly reduce flash floods both in this area northwest of Des Moines and further afield in downstream.

Click here for more information on storm sewer upgrades in the Closes Creek watershed.

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