LyondellBasell, the Covestro project converts water-based waste into energy


Chemical company LyondellBasell and its German partner Covestro have developed a project that converts water-based waste into energy, the companies said on Monday.

LyondellBasell, headquartered in Houston and Rotterdam, and the German polymer manufacturer have completed their circular steam project in the Netherlands.

The companies, which have built a new bio-factory and an incinerator on an existing production plant, process their production waste and transform it into steam. The steam is then used as an energy source, making it a circular process.

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The result is an annual reduction of about 140,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to the annual emissions of 31,000 cars, the companies said. The process also eliminates the release of 11 million kilograms of salt residue to surface water.

Rotterdam’s climate initiative includes a target of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 50% by 2025.

“Climate change is one of the most important global challenges both today and for future generations,” said Jean Gadbois, senior vice president of manufacturing Europe, Asia and International at LyondellBasell. “I am proud that today we are saving more on our Maasvlakte site, which is the equivalent of the electricity consumption of 90,000 households. The Circular Steam project is a great example of how we are reducing energy consumption in our manufacturing facilities.

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