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01 Oct 2021 9:00 a.m. ET


Presentation of the new 1800DUILaws.com – A leading information website and directory that connects impaired driving defense lawyers with consumers seeking help with their legal issues related to drinking and driving. intoxicated or intoxicated has just undergone an overhaul that makes it easier and faster for clients to access the information and legal assistance they need. The site is designed to help consumers navigate the complex criminal, insurance and administrative consequences of DMV that can result from what is usually a simple one-time mistake. The portal helps lawyers connect consumers who need their services, allowing them to focus on scaling the legal side of the business with a consistent lead-per-lead solution.

United States, August 2021 – Drunk driving defense lawyers who want to expand their practice with a fixed-per-track model and spend less time running a marketing program have long resorted to 1800DUILaws.com, a legal website and directory leading companies dedicated to providing information to people in crisis. Consumers faced with a myriad of legal, insurance, and DMV ramifications need answers, and they’re just a simple contact form and a click away. The recently updated 1800DUILaws.com connects potential clients in need of assistance with DUI lawyers who are ready to speak with them.

Do DUI lawyers have the time to handle a complex marketing program? Or is their time best served by practicing law?

DUI rates and driving in general were considerably lower in 2020, when much of society was shut down and many people did not make themselves available to socialize in public places. Now that things are back to normal and more people are on the road, more people are driving drunk than they were last year. Last year lawyers may have had more time to focus on marketing and less on practicing law, but do they have that kind of time now? Isn’t it better for them to focus on their legal clients and leave the marketing to the experts?

Most lawyers prefer to focus on their practice rather than juggling marketing vendors and software while trying to gather enough data to see if these programs are working. Most attorneys are approached by a marketing company on a weekly basis, if not more often. With so much noise and seemingly a new social network or marketing channel debuting every month, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with the latest marketing tactics while still finding the time to become a lawyer. Instead of balancing two jobs – lawyer and business development specialist – lawyers should consider a scalable, fixed-price-per-lead solution that delivers clients without investing their own time or investing their marketing dollars.

DUI information and help. Fast.

As times change, the best practices required by high traffic websites are also changing to stay in the good graces of search engines like Google. While the 1800DUILaws.com portal has consistently served the needs of consumers and lawyers over its many years of operation, a redesign that prioritized speed and usability (with a beautiful design) has been underway since. a while and is now live to the delight of search engines and users nationwide.

Speed ​​has always been a big part of a website’s performance – consumers don’t want to wait for the moment they need a slow-to-load website, no matter how good the information is. Over the past decade or so, Google has repeatedly sent the message that page speed and user experience will play a bigger role in search rankings – accelerating this message with ranking updates over the years. of the past two years that focus on a mobile user’s page speed. perspective and on the usability of the website.

The latest redesign not only takes speed into account, but it also offers a beautiful design and an inviting user experience that allows the user to find the information they need on state DUI laws, local attorneys, the upcoming DUI and DWI checkpoints, ignition interlock devices and DUI insurance (SR-22).

For lawyers: When looking for legal leads, it’s crucial to think about the source of the leads and make sure that the users who will be referred to you are knowledgeable, engaged, and ready to hire a lawyer. The portal provides information on Drunk Driving Defense, DUI Laws, Ignition Interlock Devices, SR22 (DUI Insurance) Forms, DUI / DWI Checkpoints, DUI School, drug and rehabilitation programs and more. 1800DUILaws.com ensures that knowledgeable and serious people are put in touch with the lawyer when needed by presenting them with various information before picking up the phone.

For consumers: Once the consumer has been matched with an experienced drinking and driving lawyer, the lawyer can provide a free consultation to review fees and any additional questions. If the consumer engages the lawyer, he / she will help navigate the potential defenses against criminal charges and administrative fees (driver’s license), as well as the various consequences that occur outside of the courtroom, such as immobilizers, DUI insurance, DUI courses and even drug or alcohol rehab. They can also talk about typical plea negotiations, penalties, potential defenses, and how the process works from down payment to case resolution.

It can be difficult to find a lawyer. Consumers looking for a DUI lawyer online often don’t know who to trust, and they don’t want to contact colleagues or acquaintances for suggestions due to pride or humiliation. Consumers using the information on 1800DUILaws.com can connect with an attorney who can help them in seconds, rather than sifting through online reviews and countless marketing websites. When it comes to protecting your criminal record, job, and driver’s license, swift action is essential, especially when it comes to administrative procedures and DMV license suspension.

A win-win for clients and lawyers

The 1800DUILaws.com network was designed to be a win-win for consumers and lawyers: consumers can walk away with the confidence of knowing that they have been matched with an experienced lawyer who can help them through this stressful time, and the lawyer can focus more on practicing law and less on marketing tactics and return on advertising spend.

Consumers and members of the legal community can get the “best of both worlds” at 1800DUILaws.com. The website provides state-specific legal information and tools for clients, including articles, blogs, and other materials that serve as a general overview of the DUI process and how to navigate the spinoffs. of their alleged actions. Consumers stressed by the barrage of consequences and the impending suspension of their license need only complete a short contact form in order to be matched with a qualified legal advisor. The correspondence tool offers lawyers another way to meet new potential clients, allowing them to expand their legal practice and help consumers get out of their legal crises.

To learn more, visit 1800DUILaws.com today.

Disclaimer: Please note that 1800DUILAWS.COM is not affiliated with or endorsed by any government entity or agency. It is an information resource for the general public.

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