IPX launches “Project OOZ”, the first official NFT project unlocking the creator economy based on the vision of “IP 3.0”


Seoul, South Korea, April 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IPX, formerly known as LINE FRIENDS, announced the upcoming launch of the first original non-fungible token (NFT) project OOZ. With Project OOZ, IPX will introduce creative virtual IP addresses as NFTs for its unique NFT Project focused on the creator economy.

IPX’s “OOZ Project”

The OOZ Project consists of nine different Super Deformation (SD) animal characters based on character storytelling from the FRENZ world, embarking on an extraordinary journey to find and meet their unique soul mates. FRENZ is IPX’s new CBT IP generation platform where users can freely create their own character IPs reflecting their own personality and tastes. The OOZ character story is based on nine characters some of which were created through the FRENZ platform, which, following a shipwreck, accidentally landed on planet Earth. Each OOZ character has its unique character and cannot be reproduced through FRENZ. IPX, with its creative capabilities and specialty in the field of IP, will create 9,999 NFT profile pictures (PFP) in Q2 of 2022 based on the nine high-quality characters with adorable visuals and storyline, unlike to all other NFT IPs in the current market. After the date of manufacture, OOZ NFT will be available for purchase on Ethereum-supporting marketplaces such as OpenSea, Looksrare, PlayDapp and more.

What differentiates the OOZ project from other NFT projects is that it pursues IPX’s IP 3.0 vision, a decentralized approach to character IP where anyone can create, own and build value for their unique intellectual property. IPX will allow its NFT holders to introduce OOZ characters into their individual business areas and IP platforms to truly own the characters and generate profits. IPX will also drive the popularity of IPs through IP activity and branding activities, increasing the value of IPs which will ultimately benefit individual IP holders.

Prior to the strike, IPX set up the official Twitter and Discord Community accounts for OOZ users to enjoy benefits and get first-hand character insights. To prove the authenticity of OOZ as an official NFT project of IPX and connect with early adopters, IPX is allowing users to take advantage of tweeted Discord invite links for global participation ahead of the launch of OOZ on the NFT market.

For the OOZ project, IPX will not only launch the characters, but also provide opportunities to expand the OOZ universe and allow users to develop their own IP business. IP owners will be able to create individual middle names for their own NFT characters. IPX will also release an OOZ character bible for character stories and allow holders to further expand the storyline by becoming storytellers and beautiful creators themselves.

“Continuing the vision of IP 3.0, the OOZ project will open up the closed frontier of how IP can be used and enable NFT holders to generate benefits and shape the current borderless digital IP business ecosystem” , an IPX official said. “Through the OOZ project, IPX will increase the value of IPs and expand the NFT business alongside holders, and further lead the digital computer entertainment business.”

For more information, please visit the official OOZ homepage (www.ooz.io), Official OOZ Twitter Account (twitter.com/ooz_official) and the Discord community accounts (discord.gg/ooz).


IPX is a new corporate name of LINE FRIENDS, a global character brand that originally started from original characters including BROWN, CONY, SALLY, created to be used as stickers for leading mobile messaging app LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide. world. After rapidly transforming its offline business to digital, the total intellectual property (IP) transaction reached $883 million in 2021, and IPX advertised itself as a “digital IP platform” company to enter the digital IP-based metaverse and NFT.

IPX has officially launched its digital IP entertainment business by unveiling “FRENZ”, a new IP generation platform where users can create their own character IPs and use them further to grow in metaverse and NFT services. . Through strategic partnerships and investments with blockchain, NFT and metaverse gaming companies, IPX will continue to develop its own technology and expertise. Going forward, IPX will work with global fashion and entertainment artists to develop new and influential virtual IPs, as well as discover promising IP holders and encourage them to expand their reach into the business areas of digital IP such as NFT, leading digital IP-centric metaverse generation.

IPX created popular IP addresses – “BT21” (BTS), “WDZY” (ITZY), “TRUZ” (TREASURE). – and expanded its IP-based business by partnering with global media and gaming companies, including Netflix (original anime series), SUPERCELL (Brawl Stars) and NEXON (KartRider), further diversifying and strengthening its competitiveness in digital content. Recently, IPX opened its first-ever virtual store on the global metaverse service, “Play Together”, and extended the limits of its popular IP addresses to virtual character influencers to win the hearts of millennials and gen Z. in the whole world. IPX currently operates in 15 markets worldwide, including Seoul, New YorkTHE, Tokyoand Shanghaiand also operates in 15 online sales platforms.

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