IOM and MOD Launch “IMPACT” Project with US Funding to Combat Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka


IOM and MOD Launch “IMPACT” Project with US Funding to Combat Human Trafficking in Sri Lanka

Sat., July 30, 2022, 11:03 p.m. SL time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

July 30, Colombo: With the financial support of the Office of Monitoring and Combating Trafficking in Persons (J/TIP) of the United States Department of State, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the entity United Nations Migration Agency, implemented a three-year project to combat human trafficking in Sri Lanka.

The project titled “Strengthening Government and CSO Capacity to Combat Human Trafficking and Create Greater Impact” (IMPACT) aims to build national and local/community capacities and scale up community-based responses to effectively combat and respond Trafficking in Persons (TIP), and contribute to the effective implementation of the National Strategic Action Plan (NSAP 2021-2025) to monitor and combat human trafficking.

The “IMPACT” project will be implemented in close collaboration with the National Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force (NAHTTF) led by the Ministry of Defense (MOD).

IOM Sri Lanka has extensive experience and a long history of working in the fight against human trafficking, including many years of collaboration with the NAHTTF.

Under this project, IOM will also partner with Save the Children and four other civil society organizations to implement anti-trafficking initiatives in 11 districts across the country.

A wide range of activities are to be implemented under the project, including public awareness campaigns, trainings for government officials and non-government stakeholders, outreach to vulnerable communities at risk, assistance to victims of trafficking, support for the modernization of shelters and investigations. international organizations, interventions to combat child trafficking, technical support to the NAHTTF, strengthening of national referral mechanisms, collaborations with private sector tourism service providers to prevent trafficking, and training of journalists and representatives media to ethical and factual reporting on human trafficking.

Project activities aim to increase understanding of human trafficking, improve victim identification and provision of protection services, and implement a reporting and referral mechanism from the village to government levels central.

Ambassador Julie Chung, U.S. Ambassador to Sri Lanka, said, “As we celebrate this new project, we are encouraged that it will support several key recommendations from the TIP 2022 report regarding the proactive identification of victims, improving victim services, improving efforts to address child sex. tourism, promoting safe and legal migration, and supporting the continued institutionalization of sustained government coordination.

At the forefront of IOM’s support, Sarat Dash, Chief of Mission with IOM Sri Lanka and the Maldives, said “to support the Government of Sri Lanka to strengthen its counter-trafficking efforts.

The complexity of the crime, the difficulty in identifying victims, the difficulties in prosecuting perpetrators and the ever-changing nature of the crime itself require a more collective and comprehensive response from government, civil society, industry private and other stakeholders. The partnerships catalyzed by the “IMPACT” project will enable effective provision of anti-trafficking responses, prevention of trafficking, protection of victims and prosecution of perpetrators.

The launch of the event was successfully held and brought together several stakeholders and dignitaries, including Major General J. R Kulatunga – Chief of National Intelligence – Ministry of Defence; Ambassador Julie Chung – United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka; Sarat Dash – Chief of Mission to IOM Sri Lanka and Maldives and other staff.

In order to more effectively achieve the objectives of the National Strategic Action Plan (2021 – 2025) to monitor and combat human trafficking, and to collaborate more proactively with non-governmental and civil society organizations, the Ministry of Defense as Chairman of the National Council The Sri Lanka Anti-Human Trafficking Task Force has taken the initiative to establish an official website ( for the Special team.

This website was officially launched at this event. An IOM hotline is in operation to help and refer trafficking cases and to provide any caller with information on the crime of human trafficking. The hotline is open to everyone on +94 76 658 8688. More information can be obtained by contacting the hotline number or by writing to IOM Sri Lanka at

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