How to easily join an AlmaLinux server to an Active Directory domain with Cockpit



Jack Wallen shows you how easy it is to join an existing AlmaLinux server to an Active Directory domain through a web GUI.

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If you have started deploying AlmaLinux in your data center or cloud-hosted services, you might have a reason to join these servers to your existing Active Directory domain. At first glance, you might think this process is a lengthy exercise in command line marathons. It’s not. Believe it or not, thanks to the Web Cockpit GUI, the process is incredibly simple.

And I’ll show you how it’s done.

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What you will need

For this to work, you will need an AlmaLinux instance, a running Active Directory domain controller, and a user with sudo privileges (or the root user itself).

How to activate Cockpit

The first thing you need to do is activate Cockpit as it is not activated by default. To do this, connect to your AlmaLinux server and run the command:

sudo systemctl enable --now cockpit.socket 

That’s all there is to activate Cockpit. You can now point a web browser to https: // SERVER: 9090 (where SERVER is either the IP address or the domain of the AlmaLinux server).

How to set the hostname

Before you can join the domain, you must first set the computer’s hostname. Say, for example, the domain you are going to join is example.lan. You might want to set your domain to almalinux.example.lan. For this you can either use the command line or do it via Cockpit. From the terminal, this command would be:

sudo hostnamectl set-hostname almalinux.example.lan 

If you prefer to do this through Cockpit, click Edit next to the hostname, then when prompted (Figure A), enter a nice hostname (like almalinux) and the full hostname (such as almalinux.example.lan). Click Edit when finished.

Figure A


Definition of the host name for AlmaLinux via Cockpit.

How to connect AlmaLinux to the domain

You are now ready to connect AlmaLinux to the domain. Click on Join Domain, in the Configuration section (Number B).

Number B


The main Cockpit page makes it easy to log into a domain.

In the window that appears, you must first enter the address of your domain controller. As soon as AlmaLinux finds the controller (Figure C), you can then select the authentication type, add administrator name and administrator password.

Figure C


Cockpit has been able to see the domain controller and is ready for authentication.

At this point, AlmaLinux is now connected to the domain (Number D).

Number D


Our AlmaLinux server is connected to my Active Directory domain monkeypantz.lan.

Congratulations, you have just joined your AlmaLinux server to an Active Directory domain, via the Web GUI, Cockpit.

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