How to choose the right developer job for you based on skills and salary


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  • Developers are responsible for building and maintaining much of the technology we use today.
  • As companies become more technology-driven, they need developers to work on software, data, and security.
  • Insider has broken down the different types of developers, their skills, and their salaries.

From data to cloud software, technology has become more important and pervasive than ever for businesses of all sizes across all industries. And companies as diverse as Google and Coca-Cola are quickly hiring developers to maintain the code, data, systems, and security of new and old technologies.

Developers manage and maintain the building blocks of much of the technology we use every day, whether it’s the latest video games or something as technical as customer relationship management software. For this reason, they are among the most sought-after employees today, earning between $100,000 and $270,000 for certain positions at top companies like Square, LinkedIn, and Roblox.

Since technology itself has become such an important part of life, there are many types of developers who maintain a diverse set of systems and processes. For example, a security developer, who tests the integrity of any software, will have a very different job from a web developer, whose job is to create and improve websites. Although there are many overlaps in the skills needed by most developers, the tools, coding languages, and responsibilities of different developers can be very different from day to day.

Insider looked at the different types of developers, what they do, their salaries, and the skills that make these positions a great fit for someone new to the industry.

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