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The Ministry of Education has announced to parents, guardians, students and the public that the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) 2021/2022 in Senior High Schools (SHS)/High Technical Schools (SHTS) and l Technical and Vocational Education and Training Institutes (TVET) have been commissioned.

Of the total number of 571,892 registered candidates, 555,353 candidates qualified for placement.

A total of 367,811 candidates were automatically placed in one of their choices.

This means that a total of 187,542 qualified applicants will need to complete SELF-PLACEMENT to select from available schools, as they could not be matched with any of their choices.

To access the placement platform, candidates must follow the steps below:

1. Obtain a location PIN from an approved provider.

2. After obtaining a pin code, log in to

3. Enter the ten-digit index number and add 21 as the year of completion. Ex: 123456789021

4. Enter PIN details (serial number and PIN)

5. Click submit and wait for the placement to appear

6. Print the form if you have been placed and visit the school to begin the admissions process

7. The system will redirect you for self-placement, if not placed


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