Here’s what’s inside the $11.7 million Westport Post Road improvement project


WESTPORT – Post Road certainly has its traffic issues, some of which were highlighted at a recent downtown-focused public forum.

Much needed help is on the way, however, in the form of an $11.7 million project that will improve various intersections along the busy corridor. The draft was celebrated Monday by several officials, including first draft pick Jennifer Tooker, state senator Will Haskell and state representative Jonathan Steinberg.

“Anyone traveling this road knows that bumper-to-bumper traffic is a daily occurrence and accidents are all too common,” Haskell said. “Much of this traffic and many of these accidents can be avoided with a little investment, including traffic lights that can detect the number of oncoming cars and react to the flow of traffic.”

The project aims to make the road – which averages about 24,000 cars a day – safer and more efficient, which in turn will help local businesses and make them more accessible, according to Haskell’s office.

Work includes adding left-turn lanes at three intersections along Post Road, also known as Highway 1. Areas include the Fresh Market and Village Center intersection, the Roseville and Hillspoint Roads and the North and South Bulkley Roads.

“I’ve been driving Roseville Road since I got my driver’s license. I can tell you that having a turn lane there will make a significant difference for people here in Westport,” Steinberg said. “It’s a practical, long-needed project and why investment in infrastructure is so important in every community, just like this one.

A two-way left-turn lane will also be added between the Village Center lanes and Roseville and Hillspoint Roads, allowing people to turn left into commercial lanes.

It will also align the staggered Buckley Avenue intersection and add new traffic lights that better respond to current traffic conditions.

“These are very significant improvements for the town of Westport,” said senior state transport department adviser Carlo Leone. “The roadway is very busy and these intersections are very difficult to cross. The improvements made by this signage will be essential in bringing these improvements to the safety of the residents of Westport. »

The project also adds bus shelters, curbs, sidewalks and crosswalks to make it safer for pedestrians who frequently cross Post Road and those who take the bus.

“This road is home to one of Connecticut’s busiest bus services, the Coastal Link,” Haskell said. “Unfortunately, too often people waiting for these buses have to face rain or cold.”

Josh Morgan, a DOT spokesman, said the security project had been in the planning and design stages for several years.

The State Bond Commission approved the $11.7 million for the project on March 30. Of this amount, 80% will be covered by federal funding and 20% by the state.

Morgan said he is expected to bid this summer and be awarded in the fall. Work will continue in three phases, to be completed in 2025.

“To keep traffic flowing and allow continued access for businesses, work will be carried out over three construction seasons,” Morgan said.

The first part will go from Westport Plaza to the Fresh Market. The second phase is the Roseville and Hillspoint intersection, ending at the Buckley Avenue intersection.

Tooker said it was a great project and thanked state officials for their work.

“Anything we can do to improve this corridor from a traffic and pedestrian safety perspective is exciting.” Taker said.

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