Here’s everything you need to know about the Database Developer


by samhitha

10 October 2021

Average salary (per year): US $ 93,132

Roles and responsibilities: Database developers ensure that database management systems (DBMS) can handle large and huge amounts of data. They are also called database programmers and usually work as part of a software development team. Modifying and editing databases is their main job as well as designing and developing new databases.


  • A bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, accounting or related fields.
  • Must have strong interpersonal skills to interact with clients and models.
  • Must have problem solving skills
  • SQL, Tableau software, statistical analysis, Microsoft Excel
  • Proficiency in data analysis tools such as a Big Data-Hadoop hive, data visualization, Oracle Business Intelligence, etc.

The 3 best online courses:

Creating a PHP Database Web Application | POO | PDO | AJAX | MySQL (Udemy): This course is for everyone from beginners to IT pros who want to get started and skip the too many confusing explanations to get straight into the real world of web programming with PHP. You cannot learn everything in PHP, even PHP developers do not know everything because it is a community of contributors. What you need to know is master the important concepts that will give you the confidence to build your own apps.

Database systems specialization (Coursera): This specialized program is aimed at IT professionals who wish to enter the field of information systems and learn their different types of requirements, architectures, performances, techniques and tools so that you know when to use business intelligence. , data mining, data science, databases. , in-memory databases or big data in order to have reliable, maintainable and scalable data-hungry systems.

Big Data Analysis with Tableau (Pluralsight): This is a highly demanded course by Pluralsight that can help students become Tableau experts in 4 hours. It covers topics such as big data analysis and how to interpret and visualize big data with Tableau.

Main institutes offering this program:

  • IE Spain Master in Data Science: IE School of Human Science and Technology offers popular courses in both Bachelors and Masters in Data Science.
  • MS in Data Science: Syracuse University
  • MS in Applied Data Analysis: Boston University

The best recruiters for this position:

Fractal analysis: It has grown into one of the country’s leading analytics service providers. The company has a global presence with several Fortune 500 companies in industries such as retail, insurance, and technology. It has many branch offices in all parts of India which are hiring new positions.

Amazon: Amazon is one of the largest ecommerce companies in the world and is also among the top data science recruiters in the world. Amazon relies on its data scientists for several basic operations such as supply chain optimization, fraud and fake review detection, multivariate testing, inventory and sales forecasting, optimization of advertising and human resources analysis.

Deloitte: is one of the Big Four, offering services such as consultancy, financial advice, tax auditing and enterprise risk across the world since 1845. Data scientists at Deloitte undertake several analytical projects which can be of multidisciplinary nature. Their responsibility is to simplify complex and big data and make sure my clients are easy to understand.

LinkedIn: was one of the first companies to have a team of data scientists. Since it is a social networking service, it enables its users to excel in their professional connections. It also requires database developers to understand and empower businesses to make better decisions.

MuSigma: is the largest provider of solutions related to scientific decisions and analysis. Database developers would imply here analyzing the data, adjusting it and simplifying the evaluation of the results. These results are then used to make crucial decisions in organizations.

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