Harbor Beach Hospital moves to next stage of renovation project


Since 2019, Harbor Beach Community Hospital has been renovating its building and grounds. The week of July 4, the second phase of the project began: a total remodeling of the main entrance.

According to a press release from the hospital, the sidewalk and half of the employee parking lot will not be available until the entrance is complete, which is expected to be January 2023.

The goal of the entire renovation project is to open up more space and streamline circulation to increase disease and communicable disease mitigation. This will reduce touchpoints and crossing points for people receiving different services.

“We are pleased to be able to provide additional services and quality health care to the community,” said hospital CEO Paul Clabuesch when announcing the expansions in April 2022.” It took time.”

While the main entrance is under construction, patients and visitors will need to park in front of the Medical Arts Building, which houses most of its primary care providers and physicians and was part of the first phase of the project.

The addition to accommodate the new lobby and registration area will be 4,521 square feet. The second phase will also include the relocation of health information management, the consolidation of diagnostic imaging services, the relocation of the walk-in clinic to a more accessible location and the creation of a space dedicated to surgical ward patients.

“They’ve been in the works for six or seven years,” Clabuesch said. “We couldn’t afford to do it back then. Now we can. We had to do it when the economic environment was right.”

The project’s general contractor, RC Hendrick & Son, has previously worked on schools and other public buildings in the Thumb.

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