GVE, a developer of a central bank digital currency platform, has increased its valuation to 224 billion yen


TOKYO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–GVE Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Koji Fusa, hereinafter “GVE”) on 19and January 2022, resolved at a board meeting to receive funds through Series D funding. This funding is to provide funds for further development. The funds will be raised through the issuance of shares to existing shareholders, including E-SET LLC (Headquarters: Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Madoka Kato, hereinafter “E-SET”) at a pre-money valuation of 224.2 billion yen.

GVE is a DX platform company with global ambitions, founded to develop and operate a digital fiat currency, or central bank digital currency, platform. Two of the founders, Susumu Kusakabe and Koji Fusa have combined their experience and knowledge to design a multi-central bank digital currency (CBDC) platform. This should reduce the cost of cross-border payments by 99%.

GVE has become the global focus for the high level of security it provides against potential cyberattacks from quantum computers and reduces energy consumption, eliminating more than 100,000 cash-in-transit vehicles in service worldwide . This has sparked interest from forward-looking countries looking to achieve carbon neutrality as quickly as possible.

GVE’s platform enables banks to offer narrow banking services within the existing legal framework and to offer fractional reserve banking services. Additionally, the superiority of GVE’s technology over other companies is recognized as it is compliant with the international ISO/IEC 24643 standard. This ensures interoperability with existing legacy systems while maintaining the integrity of the security of the entire financial system.

In addition to the CBDC platform, as the omicron virus continues to spread, GVE has developed a “Vaccine Passport”, which provides real-time access to original vaccine records and PCR or other test results. , thus eliminating counterfeit recordings.


Company name: GVE Ltd.

Residence: 13-1 Nihonbashi Kabutocho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Kabutocho Kabuto Building Annex 4th Floor

Deputy Director: Koji Fusa

Homepage: https://gve.co.jp/en/


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