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THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Although Kerala was included in the Rs 12,031 crore green corridor sanctioned by the Union Cabinet yesterday, it is known that only a nominal amount was allocated to the state. Kerala has submitted three projects worth Rs 1,242.30 crore. The condition of the green energy corridor project is that 33 percent of this amount will be provided by the Center. However, in the plan submitted by Kerala, the Center came to the conclusion that 11 percent should be allocated instead of 33 percent, citing the low use of unconventional power supply.

The capacity of the Wayanad – Kasaragod green energy corridor is 3,500 MW. However, it has the potential to transport unconventional power of just 405 MW. That is, 11% of the capacity. The central government decided to cut aid on the basis of a bizarre arrangement. Its nature can only be determined after obtaining an order by decision of the Council of Ministers of the Union. Kerala had submitted a letter requesting a 33 percent penalty. The Crown believes that further action can be taken after receipt of the order.

The goal of the green energy corridor is to generate 40% of total electricity consumption through unconventional electricity by 2030. The second phase of the green energy corridor aims to generate 20 gigawatts of production and of unconventional electricity transmission. Its mandate is for five years. Besides Kerala, the second phase includes Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka.

Projects submitted by Kerala

1. Wayanad Project – Kasaragod Green Energy Corridor 400 KV: Rs 813.40 crore

2. 220 KV line from Ramakkalmed wind farm to grid: Rs 195.9 crore

3. 220 KV line from the Attappadi wind farm to the grid: Rs 233 crore

Rs 1,242 crore in total

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