GPC alleges incompletion of road project, files FIR with SIC



ITANAGAR, November 21: The gram panchayat (GPC) chairman of Teririjo in Kamle district on Monday filed an FIR with the Special Investigation Cell (SIC) against M/s Tamchi Kusuk, “Ziro Division PWD EE, Raga Subdivision PWD AE and the Tamen and Dollungmukh PWD JE from 2011 to 2018”, on the alleged embezzlement of funds intended for the construction of the Tamen-Dollungmukh NEC road, worth Rs 139.62 crore, in Lower Subansiri district (now hui Kamle).

In its FIR, GPC Nido Borun alleged that the contractor only carried out the works until 2014 and then left the road project unfinished.

“According to the physical verification, the earthworks to be carried out for 107 km are half done up to about 50 km to 60 km only, the GSB and WBM layer works are also carried out for about 40 km to 50 km for 107 km , completely unexecuted premixed mat, completely unbuilt guardrail, retaining wall, retaining wall, corner drain, pipe culvert, slab culvert

unexecuted work for a single inch. Out of 13 bridge counts over small rivers and streams, only one bridge count has been built and twelve bridge counts are missing,” the GPC said in the FIR.

He claimed government officials who participated in the program from 2011 to 2018 “took detailed measurements of the work and paid the final bill without completing much of the work.”

Borun asked the SIC to register the case and investigate the case “to ensure that severe penalties are imposed on the offender(s) in accordance with the law.”

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